Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saori weaver winds a warp and dresses the Saori wx60 loom

What I love about the Saori warping frame that differs from all  the other brands of  warping frames is this… the pegs slightly angle outwards, it has holders for yarn cones mounted right on the frame, it has two legs which allow it to lean against a wall or  an optional stand which makes it adjustable for wheel chairs or sitting and winding a warp. the saori warping frame with two legs  info here .
 It has 5 hooks mounted on the frame and center peg cross configeration to allow you to warp 5  yarns at one pass WITH OUT USING A WARPING PADDLE!
This week Judy came for a two day intensive   more saori santa cruz class info here to learn how to wind a warp, thread, beam on and how to use her Saori "inside set" when she gets back home. and other things too.

Here is Judy starting her warp at the Saori warping frame. But lets go back ….
First she was having fun choosing any of the many yarns I have in the studio  wall of yarns for her warp ...
  ….and putting them into a gathering basket. I really stress letting go and not to think to much at this stage.

Then we went to the out door studio where all the looms and warping frame and equipment were waiting.

  Before we started Judy showed me two scarves, her firsts,woven on her Saori loom back home…..
 I just love to share brand new weavers first Saori weavings, how beautiful! Saori looms allow never before weavers to weave within minutes of sitting down at the loom.


Now back to winding a warp. With saori there is really no, or little, math to winding a warp. you need  not  to figure out how many yards per pound or same dye lots of cones. You chose your colors and textures and start winding! The pegs are spaced 39" apart or one meter , so it is easy to figure how many pegs you will need to use a scarf 2-3 pegs, Judy wants to  weave and then sew some clothing so we chose 10-11 meters .

 besides learning about the porry cross, Judy learned how to do 5 threads at a time with the saori warping frame too.

 Eileen  came to weave  and joined us progressing on her warp.

 Judy is done so she is learning how to chain off the warping frame
 This is an amazing warp ! The colors are breath taking!

 Time to thread using the saori cross protector/holder here and the saori THREADING HOLDER that holds the reed and the harness away from the loom so it is super easy on your back.

 reed threaded, now time to thread the heddles.
   we carried it over to the loom and are now beaming on the warp on the back beam.

  we finished  beaming on and now we can weave  !

  Judy is going to take her  gorgeous warp  home and put it on her loom at home. Saorisantacruz etsy shop "inside set "

 Back up in the studio we took a bit to learn weaving "windows "and  how to do shaped wefts .
 then to look at the Saori clothing design books sewing red book, blue book, black book look here
 Then to  try on some of my finished pieces and muslins make notes and say good byes. Saori is more than weaving it is building freindships accross the miles. I have found a lovely new friend in Judy!

                                                    Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
                                                Jill Nickolene

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