Saturday, March 18, 2017

The all new Saori Kenzo warping / threading system for saori looms

For a few weeks now I have been using and teaching the new Kenzo Jo Saori warping and threading system at the studio.  what it does is makes warping, beaming on and threading faster, more efficent, and you can do it all AWAY FROM THE LOOM ON A TABLE TOP!

 The Kenzo DIVIDING ROD  is extremely well made and allows for a smooth comfortable table top, not hunched over the loom , ergonomic  experience. it will fit any of the saori 60 series looms and adaptors for the Piccolo looms too.

But first lets start at the begining , WINDING THE WARP

 the  amazing Saori warping frame in my Etsy shop  saori 14 yard warping frame click here

 Here is my student Leigh Ann during  a class at the studio learning this new method . this is her  14 yard warp

  The  threading system  is well thought out and well made I  have them for sale in  my Etsy shop BUY THE NEW WARPING SYSTEM HERE  or at the studio.
 I could wind warps and beam on my own  custom ready made warps day after day it is so much fun to do!

  Holding the cross in my hand to place in the well designed dividing rod with cap.
 the warp spread 

  Cap on!  beaming on comfortably from the table top. the ratcht and pawl on the threading holder holding the beam with a crank handle its amazing !
   heddles and reed threaded  right on the table a

  bring the dividing rod over the top of the holder beam weight it

  and either thread your harnesses now or put on a clipping rod to same it as your own unique read made warp to thread at a latter date!  you can use the new threadign / beaming on holder to thread your purchased ready made warps as well. much easier with a weighted water fall of warps tensioned to thread from!

 All ready to weave my 14 yard  18" wide warp !  all wound and  threaded  away from the loom  and finished durning the day light all in one day!  Make an appoinment for a class at  the studio, or email me questions.. 

  reed holders for threading the piccolo loom
 pipe adapters for the threading holder 
yes you can adapat the Kenzo new warping/threading  system  to the piccolo too
there are options in my etsy shop under the variations 

  Here I am beaming on on a table top with the new system and the Piccolo size beam.

  using the cliping rod and then I  taped the warp  for saving to thread latter.

you can not fit the harnesses into the eariler verson  to thread unless you have the wooden up grade arms installed.


 Peaceful weaving in  the Santa Cruz redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sewing a Saori garment class : Saori santa cruz

Leigh Ann is back with some more of her amazing beautiful green Saori cloth  she wove  this time to sew a long Saori vest for her self .

  First  we deciced on a design . she tryed on several of the  many garments  and muslins  I have in the studio and we decided on a style a she like . Then we  layed out her fabric and started cutting it and rearranging it to pin , piece, and sew.

  more pinning and rearranging

 classes offered at saori santacruz here
 email me or call I will custom create a class for you as well , I do it all the time!

 more sewing ...
 still more pinning and cutting
 and sewing….

  still roughly cut  here she is trying  it on for fit...

 we pin and fit some more …
then finish the hems arm holes etc 

  and then…. we  decided to make designer pockets !!!

 she loves it!!!

Here is a photo of  LEIGH ANN  happily WEARING HER HER NEWLY FINISHED SAORI GARMENT OUT AND ABOUT ( here she is buying more yarn… of course !) Look How fabulous her new saori garment looks! she is weaving more and will be back soon for more garment sewing classes..

 Speaking of yarn…. I just recieved from Saori Japan several sets of there textured 21 cone special LIMITED  YARN sets! cone yarn sets

there are several sets each slightly different  from sequins to mini pompoms ribbon and more 

  three layers
  there is quite a lot of yarn tightly wound onto these cones! usually novelty yarns come on spongy balls that look bigger, ar tiny loosly would balls that irritably snarl , BUT you get well behaved yarns unfurling from these cones nicely with out catching when you wind your bobbins! you can see them  in my etsy shop

another new weaver !!
meet megan
her first time ever weaving in a " try it " class !!!

  "oh that is what a shed is!"

the sun came out durning class and the Wx60 loom folded up easily with wheels and  so we were outside set up in no time!. ..

  The plum blossoms were snowing petals smelling fragment  in the warm spring sun….

 what an amazing first weaving! she picked out a branch from the ones i gathered from our property  to tie her  new weaving to and she  then learned how to twist the fringes  to finish it

 Weaving out side on saori looms is  my most favorite fiber  passion!!!
Saori looms are portable and sooo fun.

 Megan you  first weaving is incredible!


Another new loom bag I just sewed! this on fits the saori w60 or sx60 looms. I called this one "Paris paisley fog "

 saori santa cruz loom bags here


Jill Nickolene Sanders