Monday, August 29, 2011

the "scraps" Saori weaving is off the loom

For a year I have had a loom dedicated in the studio for using up almost empty bobbins, scrap yarn that has fallen on the floor, ends I trimmed  off  fringes etc.
today i finished weaving and I cut  that weaving off the saori loom, washed it and hung it  on the line to dry. A year of weaving in this piece , a  journal with out words.

Peaceful weaving

Lisa takes her first scarf off the saori loom

I will let the photos speak for themselves. Lisa finished weaving today. She took her Saori scarf home to weave in ends and twist fringes, and hand wash her lovely scarf.

peaceful weaving

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I love how Saori weaving affects new weavers

Ok I will not say much but just take a look at these new students Saori weavings  from this week at Saori Santa Cruz Studio. They are so alive and fresh.
 Robin's  raidbows

Lisa's textures

Robins  lovely embroidery on her hand woven second scarf

Robins fun piece.

 Robin  using the SAORI threading holder to thread and sley her new  Saori ready made warp.

And then there is me.

one night this week I could not get back to sleep so i stayed up and I sewed  4 more  SAORI  sx60 loom bags
for sale.
2 have sold already, this one below with squares and another I mailed off today.


oval's $155
blue chenille $140 

So here is a sneak peek of a sleeved stole for open studios studio tour one month away.  I am using my plie' weave that I thought up, and my husband Lee named because of the shapes that look like the bent knees of the ballet position.    

new warp for some woven accessories.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

sewing saori fabric for the county fair, and apple juice

Our gravenstien apples have been in multiple baskets on the studio floor for over a week , so this week end I prepped the kitchen to make raw apple juice.  In the past years I have dried apples, made apple sauce but this year I just wanted juice. OMG it tastes so good. thanks to you lee for helping with the clean up
the fastest I could process was 2 quarts a hour, not including set up and clean up. That was a huge help.

 my favorite very old carbon steel knife helped a lot.
 and our 37 year old Norwalk juicer, the first thing my husband and I bought together  new when we were first dating, it is still going strong.
just some of the juice cooling before the deep freeze.

This week the is the dead line for turning in my weaving for the Santa Cruz county fair so I have been busy sewing my saori yardage.

  making covered buttons for the bag

another piece of saori fabric cut out for another bag.

peaceful weaving

Monday, August 15, 2011

Lisa's Saori weaving progresses

lisa's weaving is progressing so nicely. she learned more today, like saori weft as warp as weft.
the weather was so nice we got to to weave out on the deck. I am loving her textures and colors!

here you can see on the left the "stair steps" it is a kind of  inlay technique.

peaceful weaving   jill