Friday, December 22, 2017

Saori loom weaving and sewing classes at Saori Santa Cruz

Welcome to a weaving studio where there are no mistakes, you learn , have fun, and create beautiful fiber arts with out ever  having to have woven before .
My name is Jill  Sanders 
I own SAORI SANTA CRUZ studio in the rural redwood mountains of Santa Cruz county California. This is my 8th year since i opened up my Saori studio.

 This is Antoinette's scarf  fresh off the loom!

  here is the  studio class room early before students show up

  here is Lily and Gena weaving for the Saori    learn to weave in a 2 hour try it class here

  Lily is trying on my Fall equinox jacket

 she brought a bag of knitting yarns she wants to use and is using the  Glimakra ski shuttle here for your chunky art yarn

  Lily wanrs to come back to finish weaving for a vest

  Gena is done.
  Gena's scarf !

Antoinette 's scarf off the loom


I wove and made a top this summer but i never wore it much so i remde this into a hooded vest!

 i love  the remake it and wear it all the time now! in fact it insopire my student Leigh Anne to come and take a sewing class and make two hooded vests last week!

  cutting out

  trying on after it is basted together.

She had such a good time making two vests she came back and made two more simplier vests  for gifts! isn't her hand woven  Saori fabric amazing?


remember  the my little pony pink sparking  yarn I spun last summer ?  go click here for my past blog on spinning this yarn

well for winter sostice gifts for our granddaughters i wove it on my saori PICCOLO loom 

  the end of a ready made warp i used ever little bit of warp up!

 i cut it up and sewed pillows !

 in the stilness of the longest day of less sun these pillows brightened up my day 
let the sun into your hearts

Peace through fibers 

 Jill Nickolene Sanders

Classes here