Friday, September 15, 2017

Learn to weave Classes on Saori looms

A busy past week with many students at the studio learning to Saori weave !

 I always love mommy (or parent ) and me classes!

 the Saori Piccolo LOOM  go here
is not just for kids! I love this 15.5 weaving width loom that only weighs 15 lbs!

 children learning great skills along side there mom's.
  and Theresa loved the saori looms too!

 the Saori wx60 wood folding loom here 

  happiness! her  first woven piece!

 and mommy's
  look at that face!!!!

  and mom's is lovely too!
 Theresa  yours  is just  wonderful too!

 A new loom bag that will fit wx60 saori loom up in my etsy shop just finished.

  new students first weaver ever!

   having fun learning!

 i love how different all the weaving turned out! they all want to come back


more visitors!

 and then some spinning time with freinds

  maggie and her  brand new LOUET S10C WHEEL here  a new shippment just came into the studio and i took to a meeting and here we just put it together and she is spinning!

 and she loves it!

 spinning more dk weight rainbow singles on my louet victoria!

 and this little CLEMES AND CLEMES CLEANING BRUSH FOR CARDERS  (click here )
IS THE BEST BRUSH FOR CLEANING  drum carders or blnding boards THAT THERE IS!
it has strong stiff bristles and it cleans the licker in and swift on the drum carder fast and wonderfully

 and then  the humble orifice hook, but these are are favorite, maple turned and lacquered with a cord to hang and not get lost or bent from your wheel new in my Etsy shop too.


Jill Nickolene Sanders



new crop  leather purse straps  just up in my shop purse straps here

Saori hand woven clothing class at Saori Santa Cruz

Meet Anne. She has woven some beautiful Saori fabric and came to the studio to create a garment out of it.

 It is always scary for many  to look at  the weeks of weaveing one has done  and cut into the fabric when you are not sure and confident  about  your sewing and designing  skills . I think it is always great to try on different styles to get a feel of how they might look on your body type, and with the fabric you are are going to want to use so i like to start there….

  she had sent me a photo of the fabric she wanted to use

 this is  a garment  Anne brought to show that she sewed from another handwoven piece and it was wonderful!

 she tried on maybe 20 looks at the studio...
  and then one made her eyes sparkle so i draped her fabric on her to have a look and it felt like it wanted to be a new tunic/ dress so we now had a plan!
  draped fabric to get a vision
  we started cutting and piecing and consulting and pinning and sewing….

draped and pinned on the dress form

 soon  the  tunic started to take shape….
  pin … sew… try on … repeat!!!!
  we are getting very very close
  then the neck line……and finishing

 and here it is! an amazing  one of a kind design garment which she loves!

Jill Nickolene Sanders

  some new loom bags up in my etsy shop i just finished