Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SpinOlution Pollywog spinning wheel comes to Saori Santa Cruz ! Ashford looms and more.

The SpinOlution Pollywog spinning wheel  is now added to my list of spinning wheels I carry in the studio! The Espinner Firefly is back ordered and on it's way in about 4 weeks so stay tunned for my review for it  but the pollyog arrived  last week! Spinolution has found the wheel so popular in the last year that they built a new factory plant just for the POLLYWOGS in Washington state .
It took 5 minutes after removing the bubble wrap  to start spinning on it! and i Love this cute little wheel. NOW YOU CAN GET A 12 OZ BOBBIN AND FLYER TOO!
Nothing to lacquer no screw drivers or wrenches needed! 
It is a double treadle wheel that is light enough to carry with one hand like I am doing in my photo.
I love this wheel! It is an  affordable entry level wheel for under $350! you can add  an accelerator head for lace weight spinning later too.

12 oz pollywog update  here in my etsy shop

Saori Santa Cruz carries Louet, Ashford, and Spinolution wheels
The same outstanding customer service and if you are local and you buy a wheel from me a free two hour  spinning class  comes with each wheel! I only carry what I use and love  personally and teach on!


need a lap or portable loom, or want to try weaving on a inexpensive loom before committing to a floor loom? one word.. Ashford.
 I  have in stock the Ashford sample it looms 10" .
you can get any size heddle/reed from 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, and 15 for the Ashfords, great for car weaving, children's lap weaving, classrooms and to sample!

extra heddles, wax and bag  floor stand available as additional  options 

need a wider rigid hedddle loom ? Another good bargin is the ashford rigid heddle loom you assemble and finish to save.

But if you want to open a box and have a  rigid heddle loom  all finished  and assembled and ready to weave right away no waiting a loom that folds with the warp on it and fits  into it's own tote bag here is the popular 


New  things 

 limitted Saori colored warps came in  (and went out fast)  there are some happy saori weavers  with these colorful warps there are still some still  are up in my ETSY SHOP UNDER SAORI PREMADE WARPS HERE

AND a beautiful 100%  Saori cashmere cone yarn set  called

 Glimakra double boat shuttles are back in stock. These are narrow and have a low enough profile to use with rigid heddle looms.

link to more shuttles here


 My skein of hand dyed and spun and carderd  "dragon egg yarn"  art yarn is on it's way to the customer

we had a local meeting where we did a mini share ( kai) . This month it was at Antoinette home.

here is Char and her latest weavings !

and Jenifer shared her Scandinavian  grandmother 's hand spun flax that shehad  woven into linen cloth … yes i am convinced  .. weaving is in the DNA…

Antoinette weaving on her second saori loom the  piccolo  at the meeting thank you for hosting too!
 piccolos are sooooo portable, only 15 lbs BUT they fold too and be  be placed in such small places like

mine here
  I have 3 piccolos in the studio with my other looms  they are nestled in a very small places  only about 14" deep between a area that was other wise wasted space. I have heard of Rv'ers storing  piccolos easily . other places i have heard of ... in the back of clothes  or hallway closets, behind sofas …. love the Saori piccolo looms! PICCOLO LOOMS HERE


A few photos from the studio the last few weeks….

an amazing fun little inexpensive  pocket loom for your self or for gifting. 
a little comb needles and a shed /pick up stick, a drawstring bag the loom and instructions!

 I regualrly sell out of this adorable loom, what am I weaving on it currently? A pair of earrings!, in the past I wove  a couple of weavings to incorporate and embelish  into my saori pieces..

Peaceful Weaving
Jill Nickolene Sanders