Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sewing with hand woven fabrics the Saori way

Karen (justmekay on Ravelry) came to the studio Saturday for a clothing class. She asked her family for for a full day class as a Birthday gift! saori Santa Cruz classes
 Here is her lovely yellow's and white 10/2 mostly cottons weaving . It had been soaked and dried prior to bringing it to classs.
she is pressing ... when the sewing machine comes out so should the ironing board and iron.

First Karen showed me her fabrics and we discussed options, she tried on some muslins and then arrived at the decision to make a flowing tunic. This is one of my  pattern designs .
karen and I talked about where the pieces would look best and she chose and " fussy cut" them out  to best complement the style and woven areas of intrest.

Using excellent shears is paramont to sucess . I use Gingher 8" spring loaded shears here

 pined  now time to sew!

  love the first fitting!

 Finished ! Look at the wonderful light and swirly fun tunic Karen wove and sewed!
 you can not see it  in the photo but the off set back lower seam opens like a vent. Saori - licious !

Time for one more piece before she comes she had a very nice  handwoven piece from a warp exchange she wove and brought to class.

  so weset to make into a a fun vest!

 gingher tailor point scissors here

  A bit of spinning to try out  the National Custom wheelworks wheel and time to to head for home.
I hope you had a gret Birthday present class Karen!


I have two new loom bags hot from my sewing machine…..

see loom bags here in my Etsy shop

 And second  a new piccolo bag for the Saori piccolo looms "my lady's garden"


Karen commented on her  Saori sewing workshop

"Thanks again Jill for your amazing design and a great day sewing. I learned to really let go and trust the process. It turned out terrific. I love it! "

( comments from Karen about her Saori sewing class) " the education was  being immersed in Jills personal style and to be Saori all the way through the design and sewing process as well as the weaving. People are not machines……….Life is a joy. Live it with abandon! Now to move forward wearing  the clothing with the same spirit. "

Peaceful weaving and sewing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolenen Sanders

Saori mobius cowl and Transept scarf class

What a fun class three members of the Mavens of the fiber forest ,  came Thursday for a all day class. Shar warped her schacht loom at home for a mobius scarf but brought it to weave on  and Maggie and Tina came ready to experiment and learn the "Transept " scarf. Then a new weaver for a  "try it " class  Kate came (  call to schedule a class here  Link to the studios classes here ) .

Tina's finished  "transept scarf"

 but lets back up and we started by weaving a sample first before tackling a larger piece!

  "It worked " " I did it" yea!!!!!!
  Maggie taking her sample off the saori loom  with the the easy to use  Saori clipping rod
 yea it worked!

loving the clemes and clemes two end electric bobbin winder it has NO rheostat the foot peddle is all new electronic no lurching, or heating up smooth…  

Kate  joins the class for a 2 hour Saori  " try it "class and  loves it wants to come back!

  Maggie's beautiful colors…..

 Preparing for the "catch " and twist on shars mobius scarf after she had woven it
  then weaving in the fringes as weft.

 adding more colors….
 Tina is finished…..

the" transept"

  and Shar has the twist  in her mobius too!!!!!

Tina is done!!!!

Maggie is done!

Shar went home twised fringes and soaked and pressed her mobius scarf  gorgeous!

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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