Saturday, March 23, 2013

First day of spring and a Saori weaving , on Saori looms two day class

Spring has arrived, and trees and flowers are blooming here in northern California. I planted cotton seeds, and holy basil, and a new Saori  student, Silvia, visited  the studio for a two day Saori weaving class.

 Wisteria  starting to bloom and our crab apple and plum tree blossoming too.

cotton seeds, and holy basil planted

  My First day of spring weaving. This is a on going woven studio journal of weekly weft  additions from almost empty bobbins, and bits from students yarns I  have swept up.

The wonderful  3rd grade class who came last week  blog link  to the studio, to weave and do fibery things , sent me the most adorable thank you letters and drawings ever! I hung all of  them up on the gallery wall.

   And a new weaver this spring ....Meet Silvia, a psychologist new to this country from Austria. She and her husband want to incorporate the Saori philosophy into they work and life.
.Here she is trying on some of my saori  hand woven garments, koi pond, and the silk etherial top and scarf.

... and the  indigo riff jacket 

 A glimpse into Silvia's introduction to Saori weaving . first stop  she gets to choose her own yarns, any colors , then she she learned how to  wind some bobbins to try saori weaving.

The sun cleared the  tops of redwoods and started shining on the orchard and the deck so out we went rolling the wx60 loom.
Silvia took off her  shoes, and just had fun relaxing  while learning to weave in the Saori way.

 Her  first  few hours of weaving off the loom experimenting with her her own yarn choices, linens, cottons, thick, thin on a wool warp. 

  After trying saori 's pre made  warps  she decided she wanted to learn how to wind a  colorful warp in  colors of her choice and weave a scarf.

and she wound a wonderful  cotton warp.

 Using the saori cross holder and threading holder to thread  the reed and heddles

 All done  on the first day, returning tomorrow .

 Day 2 beaming on after we hung the harness and placed the reed in the beater hooked the treadles, tensioned..... time to weave...... .

We moved out on the deck again in the warm spring sun.

 Her new scarf emerges . Fun , expressive and creative .

 Jennifer stopped by for a  winding a warp class...

  With the Saori  specialy designed warping board you can warp 5 threads at once making the "cross" with just your thumb that really speeeds up warping.

  Time for Silvia's  newly woven  saori scarf to come off the loom!
  It is so FANTASTIC!

   Twisted fringes

  A saori scarf colorful,  full of life and adventure.

Saori weaving ,  the belief  in ones expressive self and growth in confidence with each passs of the shuttle.

  It was a beautiful  peaceful two days, in the fresh  sweet air , I enjoyed Silva's wonderful stories and sharing the love of Saori weaving with another very first time weaver.
 Silvia  just sent  me this email I want to share....

"Dear Jill,
thank you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – wonderful pictures my folks at home will like them too, they are already very curious! J
It was absolutely wonderful with you, the way you are teaching, the way you are sharing your thoughts and experiences and specially
.. thank you for the delicious food you served me!!

You know what...I think I have got the fever – the so called “Saori-weaving-fever”.. :))  I miss weaving already.. just to sit down and do some pieces… so as soon as we have a proper place I just have to have a loom!

J├╝rgen was also stunned about the work and he also liked you very much, he also got the feeling of your warm hearted, creative and professional attitude.........

I sure will stay in touch with you… thank you so much… take care
Big hug

 And receiving  those adorable letters from ms Jones's  3rd grade class , well that made these first days of spring a  true joy.
peaceful weaving
 Jill Nickolene Sanders
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