Sunday, December 10, 2023

Weaving Saori fingerless mitts, student learns the Saori art yarn maker classes at SAORI SANTA CRUZ STUDIO

 this is the year of the fingerless mitts for gifts! i wove them on my Saori piccolo 40 loom 

 with elastic thread in the weft  
 after the tension waslet off 

Full of texture   

woven up

i still have several pairs to sew up today 

Linda came to learn the saori art yarn maker 

Creating art yarn on the spinning wheel 

linda's amazing saori blanket 

 and great pillow!

and yardage for a jacket a great share!

i taught linda to  spin  a great little ball of yarn on the spinolution espinner 

me and my gigantic Tomten and smaller ones  years ago that  i knit it was featured in in a UK magazine  called “ simply knitting “... tis the season  time for the tomte’s to come out! 

happy winter solstice soon 

peaceful weaving in redwoods in the santa cruz mountains

student on the autistic spectrum creates amazing saori weavings . saori comb reed class hand spun hand woven saori scarf

 December has been busy at the studio with students  i have been weaving and spinning too. 

Joi wanted to learn abou the comb reed so i wound a warp for her all day class 

 love my ashford cone holder 
ashford cone holder here

the amazing kenzo table top system here

i love the effects of the saori comb reed


Love this scarf! 

 twisting fringes 

 what a beautiful piece Joi!😍

the studio at night with the winter solstice decorations while i was cleaning up the pergola  after the class 


Saai progress in the last few weeks has been amazing. being on the spectrum means trying new things , droping others …..her aid Roopa is weaving on the piccolo loom during class

 Saai finished a table runner for the holidays

Roopa finished her scarf 


spun some yummy soft silk blend and wove my so a birthday scarf 

Warm and cozy 

peaceful weaving in the california redwoods 

Jill N Sanders