Saturday, August 8, 2020

Tour De Fleece 21 days of spinning 2020

 i tried to upload ( or is it down load i never can remember) all my photos chronologically but they did thier own thing, kind of like my my art yarns  i spun for the tour de fleece! 

so starting with with final day which is traditionally yellow for the tour de france yellow  jerseys 

here we go! 


 i carded 90% of my spinning batts this year as well

i spun this on my SPINOLUTION BULLFROG WHEEL click here


next to the last day i spun a scraps core spun yarn art yarn  i use my ASHFORD SUPER JUMBO ESPINNER click here 


day 9  more fun core spinning  on my spinolution firefly espinner 32 oz   click here 


day 18 breeder brown sally fox cottons SPUN ON MY ASHFORD ESPINER 3 HERE


 day 17 


DAY 16 WAS BLACK LIVES MATTER SKEIN i threaded butterflies and plied them on my batts as i spun signifying the metamorphous i visulize in support for the movment  


 i soak my skeins and use Euclan wool wash here


 day 14 core spinning my orange god of fire yarn.


 DAY 13 WAS MY FAVORITE  i strung soft Japanese  characters on thread and plied it with a pastel mint and while single . in one of the photos you can see the seal peaking out of the bobbin as if  they were speaking to me!


day 12 more super coils red and purple!


day 11 purples and blue 


 day 10 scraps yarns with a rainbow hand spun ply 


day 9 was cotton upland white and recycled denim and cotton rolags


day 8 was ballet pink coils and puffs


day 7 neps  blended tweed and blue and yellow coils


day 5 silk hankie singles plyed with a merino silk blend


 cotton and silk carderd and spun on my spinolution bullfrog 


 day 3 pinks and purples core spun on my favorite core mohair cone yarn i use for core spun here 


 day 2 was purple and green with metallic ply  METALLIC PLY YARN HERE


 first day i spun my batt on my SPINOLUTION BULLFROG

 total weight ( not including cottonspun for 3 days ) is 12.2 pounds