Friday, August 10, 2018

learning to spin classes and learn to weave class no experience needed

 Yesterday Mel and her granddaughter came for a learn to spin yarn class 
Nora is just 11 years old…

 Here she is spinning on A louet classic double treadle spinning wheel after we had about a hour of drop spinng 

  mel has a drum carder  at home so i showed Nora how to card her own batts for spinning . i thought the two would enjoy doing  that together back at their home so some tips and ideas would inspire them  !

here she is carding her first batt! adding sparkles …

  drop spinning

  she went off oher own after about 15 minutes of instruction

 ! here are the spindles i use Golding drop spindles here
always sucessful with these balanced rim weighted spindles

 mel wanted to learn  about her scotch tension wheel victoria the louet traveling wheel here
she is spinning merino and learning the difference between bobbin lead wheels and scotch tension wheels 


  Nora squealed with delight spinning , and carding… anxiety drops away when the magic of fibers twisting thought your fingers casts it's spell on you!

  mel wanted to learn how to ply… she we did ! on her LOUET S10C WHEEL HERE

 and she did absoutely amazing at plying 

I just heard back from Mel
 " Nora is showing everyone her skein of yarn she spun she is  so delighted . thank you so much we will be back next week"



 Allson and her daughter came for a try it class. 

neither had done any type of fibers arts before. they were clearly amazing!

  winding bobbins on the Saori looms . all  SAORI LOOMS have built in bobbin winders!
Allson is  5'10" tall i set up  this loom  saori ch 60 loom -A WITH 6 VARIABLE HEIGHT SETTINGS so that she would be comfortable


  twisting fringes

what a wonderful day!
want to have a wondeful day visisting  santa cruz?
schedule  a try it class no weaving experience needed! all ages families and friends!
contact me here to reserve and schedule 


                                ✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂       ✂       ✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂✂

  i just finished 2 new bags for the saori wx60 or sx60 looms 


also those of you who are looking for hrd to find  AMAZING HIGH QUALITY WEAVING COMBS look no futher….

i have 3 sizes of cherry combs hard to get and find the stainless steel teeth are non breakable .

  for more INFO ON THE



Thursday, August 9, 2018

learn to warp your Saori loom the easy way claess, a visit to hope weaving studio, and try Saori weaving class sessions

 A fun  Saori try it class with a new weaver!

  the class is out on the lower teaching deck this time of year… very peaceful..

  using the Lacis battery fringe twister she twister her  fringes in no time and  tied  her weaving on a branch  i have from our property.

 Lexie  scheduled another class latter this month for a zen all day weaving experience for classes contact me to schedule  click here


Gale flew in from Wyoming  she wanted to nail down warping so she took a two day intensive here at the studio
  First thing choosing her warp yarns!!!

  next is learning how to warp back to front on the saori warping frame here


  her first warp using the Kenzo system here she will take home you own ready made warp roll

  second warp she wanted to weave two skinny warps at a time so she wound a warp and we didvided it in two sections so now she has warp two done to take home to on her Saori loom

  warp three in day one! this was 7- 8 yards long and 23 wide

  while she wound her 3 warp francine came to learn how  to thread a new black cotton ready made warp on the table top system  …

just enough time left to beam on and the end of a very productive first day
 day 2 was threading using the Kenzo system ...

  saori inside sets click here

lets hang and tie it on the wx60  to check for mistakes

  and only one crossed thread tensioned great job Gayle!
  tied back up her inside set and ready  to take home to hang on her loom!

  trying out the piccolo loom before she leaves her last day!

peaceful weaving in the redwood ! 💛

 my student Jon Bailiff is teaching at hope industries disabled clients . he is doing amazing  THINGS, AND THERE WORK IS FANTASTIC!
 i stopped by last week to see him 

  when i walked into the office i saw this at the main desk one of the clients weaving

  and another one!

  here is jon with diana a  client in the class room

  here are the 2 saori looms he has ( among other types )they use  for thier there class room
the saori shuttle shelf allow one to use the saori loom with out droping the shuttle or if one has hand lack of mobility

  here is sarah only having one hand to weave with she is doing amazing work!

  this is one of Greg's hangings

  this is diane's weaving

  i spotted a weaving and i  JUST HAD TO HAVE IT so bought it . here Jon is telling Greg i bought his weaving!

  he is super happy and beaming

 here i am with jon and greg.
i came home and hung up greg's piece next to jenny Doyles  Saori piece  ( blind from birth ) in the studio
the two far right pieces

in saori all abilities and ages are embraced !




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