Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sewing some new Saori clothing designs

I have been Designing  and  sewing some new Saori clothing pieces.

  draping on the form

 but wait … lets look back  at when I was weaving this fabric….

  About 9 yards woven on my SAORI PICCOLO LOOM

 baste try on , baste try on ,cut try on ,baste baste

  sewing for real and knowing I can not rip out now!!! how far got  by day two

  Day 3
  slowely it is taking  form
  I need pockets!

twist fringes on the back


 my new saori top/tunic!!!!


Time to cut my indigo dyed warp and weft yardage !

I wanted to make a muslin first for my ideas so I did
fit is fine need to re draft the sleeve to be a cap sleeve

back when i dyed my warp with natural indigo and wove my yardage  my blog about winding and dyeing this indigo warp here

 cut pin baste sew

  ty it on the dress form… it is looking like what I wanted  !
  press …. then leave it to hang over night
  in the morning I decide  I will trim the bias  hem
  trimmed hem  . Now to stay stitch so that the frayed edges behave and do not contine to fray more.. i prefer this look of the hem rather than turned up and machine sewn..

final fitting and  sewing on the small blue buttons for  the neckline  to shoulder seam opening...
  Another Saori garment to wear finished  on the rack!!!! 💙💙💙

A simple vest from the SAORI BEGINING CLOTHING DESIGN BOOK HERE  the draping collar vest and  my take on it...

  I wove this  cloth with black cashmere and  angora blend  yarns

  the vest  back with the unmistakable halo of angora. rather like a aurora borealis .

  strategically  placed fringes  to give front opening options for wearing



 half opened

 Hope came to the studio to learn about weaving !

  weaving on the SAORI CH60 LOOM here

  she loved the Saori loom.

  ….then trying out the 12"  ASHFORD KNTTERS LOOM WITH STAND here

I love the saori small mini boat shuttles for rigid heddle looms

  An economic choice if she wants to save up  for a saori loom . she could be weaving on the ashford knitters loom, T hey come in three sizes and can fold up in there own tote bag . you can use them on a table too  you do not need the stand , very portable too.

  she loved the Saori loom and here is her first weaving !

magggie came to pick up her Clemes and Clemes stiching stand ( see below)
when she was here she showed me how she learned  how to spin a shifu paper yarn recently  and she demoed it for me  on the saori loom's bulit in bobbin winder! soo cool! i have to try spinning paper. now

  Clemesand Clemes  stitching stand  she picked one  up . it  is totally aticulated!
 of course maggie and I are going to  use ours  it to hold  smaller weaving looms … but you can use it quilting and embroidery etc etc 

   i use it for looms like the weaving that  I do on various sizes of  circle looms for mandala weaving

and it folds up! if you are interested in them ?  email me …

  finshing up with another designed piece 

my "whole earth catalog fabric "


asymmetrical pockets , my cotton ruana 

Peaceful weaving in the California redwoods 

Jill Nickolene Sanders