Monday, June 24, 2024

weave a scarf in a day class , new saori weavers, mom and 5 yr old daghter weave, and more ….

June is not over but it has sure been busy. 

heidi came for a all day scarf class, and she loves her knew scarf so much!

 i love heidi 's  color pallet 

 HOW cute is Heidi's scarf!❤️😍


while heidi was weaving  the full day Beth came for a 2 hour class and to buy a wx60 folding saori loom 

wx60 wood loom here

 she wanted the saori wx60 wood folding loom and tried it out.

great  saori weving Beth!

 a saori loom went back to oregon with Beth and a weaving benchπŸ’•

i make my own  online tutorials i give to  my students and buyers with their purchases ...

safe journey home Beth!


Selina and Randy came for another saori weaving experience they loved the first  class they took last year. and  they brought Maria and her  5 year old daughter Vivian  this time . i adore teaching children saori weaving

after only 5 minutes with vivian i could walk away and she was self directed  on her own weaving away!

barely 5 years old,so i lowered the saori piccolo 40 loom  from the adult height to  is lowest height setting 

saori piccolo 40 loom here for more info

classroom all set up.


 randy's weaving 
  this is selina's second weaving in  this class 

 maria and randy followed vivian's lead and found pompoms in the the treasure box  too to add to their weavings  one of saori slogans is 

" learn from each other and everyone in the class " 

 randy loved pompoms!😍

and here is little vivian's weaving off the loom 

vivian and mommy maria's weavings 


new loom bags up in my etsy shop i sew these  bags out of a  high quality wool blend blanket yardage Jaquard loomed and a nice brushed nap. full length heavy duty zipper . protect your looms and warp

Fabulous fabric 


jill nickolens loom bags my hand sewn designs here

peaceful weavng in the redwood mountains


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