Sunday, June 28, 2015

A special Saori vest for my husband, a warping intensive, and students weavings….

I drafted a vest pattern for my husband a fitted vest and  I used  my Saori weaving to create it.

 try on fit cut try on  again …..

  weave the back fabric cut bast try on again … it is a anniversary present
 getting closer…..  mark for buttons.

 TA DA !

 He recieved his vest a week early ….well he knew what is was anyway so why not! He Loves it !!!!

the buttons?
My husband and I made these  stonewear buttons together decades ago when we were dating… in his ceramics class room  where he taught when I was doing my student teaching… but thats  a story for another blog…..

 Lisa needed a refresher intensive  in  warping soooooooo she came for classes and  started chosing any color yarn she desired for her new warp!

sucess the first day a brilliant 11 yard chained warp awaits tomorrows threading !

 My student Antoinette  finished the most awesome  Saori  pieces here is her jacket/coat for a submission to a show !she scheduled a time to come by for me to help her with the photographs so she could submit them .

  the back of a short jacket
 her dress
 her lovely scarf!

 Lisa is back  today to thread her warp . here she is comfortably threading away from the loom with the Saori cross holder  ( click here) that takes the place of holding the cross in ones hand and or lease sticks!
  Antoinette wound some bobbins with the Clemes and Clemes double ended bobbin winder (click

 Lisa after sleying her reed is threading her heddles with  the Saori threading holder and the Saori threading hook and sley hooks threading hook here and sley reed  threading hook SLEY HOOK HERE with it's special designed  "push through" end.

  Jennifer has a Saori loom but has recently ventured into the world of swedish looms and weaving on her glimakra standard loom. she stopped by to get some shuttles boat shuttles and show us her first weaving off of her loom in linen! curtains for her mother. it is not Saori but we can have "split weaving personalities "!

  Antoinette dropped by to show us her  baby blanket she stayed up late to weave the night before. it was  still damp from the soak finish your hand woven with non rinse SOAK  a delicate liquid for washing machine  or hand hand wash of yarns and knits bathing suits etc. it is amazing!

  do recognize the yarn? It is my hand dyed bulky wool skeins from my solar dyeing the week before she bought a skein! she use a Saori black pre made cotton warp Saori premade warps here and wove till she ran out of yarn!

 this is the yarn she bought that I dyed ….

a one pound ball wound  ball on my NANCY'S KNIT KNACKS HEAVY DUTY BALL WINDER HERE

It looks  almost Amish to me?  Beautiful! she will cut the piece in half  to make the blanket and crochet the sections together  for the  baby blanket.

mean while Lisa and I are beaming on her warp on her Saori inside set  (click to read more what a inside set is.)

 Lisa has a beautifully tension 11 yard hand wound warp she  is taking home to weave on her saori 60 loom.

A beautiful warp!!!

Lisa trying on my Saori Artist Poet Vest… I swear it looks on everyone!!!!

Peaceful weaving and dyeing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders

Saori weaving,Solar dyeing, and catching up on happenings at the studio

Summer heat has it's advantages for fiber artists .I solar dye protein fibers with acid dyes.

soak your wool, silks, animal fiber in water with some white vinegar 

 my fibers left to right silk hankie blanks, Louet Icicle here ,wool top just a small portion of what I am dyeing.
 using my extracter to take some water out (saving the water  in buckets to rise after the fiber is dyed )
 covering the tables with black plastic or  black garbage bags
 applying dyes and kneading them in to the fibers

  large restaurant mayo jars filled  with dye and water for some fiber in emersion dyeing

 cover with more black  plastic , walk away for a few days come back.
I checked and  even after cool evenings in the 50's under the plastic the next morning the temp was still over 90 degrees in my home made " solar oven"! 
 after a few days I rinsed my fibers again saving the water or carring it to my planting and watering them so no water was wasted.

 fibers  dried in sun

from this

to this!  all colors set by the sun.


 Jennifer and Carole dropped by the studio

 they had fun trying on some of Saori  clothing pieces

  my  handwoven ruanna design...

  this piece is in my Etsy shop

 Four harness Saori inside set here  Now i have made available besides the 2 harness inside set in my shop a 4 h set for those of you with the 4 harness upgrade saori looms I have the 4 harnesss inside set which allows you to change out your weaving in a 10 minutes to another with out rethreading available now in my etsy shop.

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Niclolene Sanders

 cotton hand paint skeins in my etsy shop