Thursday, April 18, 2013

I love Saori looms, and the Louet LE s90 spinning wheel

5 days is the amount of time Erica has been living in Santa Cruz.
1 day was the amount of time it took her to locate a weaving studio.... Saori Santa Cruz studio
1 day till she could  come and take her first weaving class
15 years (about) since she has wanted to learn to weave.( and now she has a chance.)

 Here is a beloved chenille  scarf, a handwoven gift from her birth mother that  Erica constantly wears. Weaving  someone a gift is a special sharing of energy, love, gratitude, a way of expressing feelings that there are no words for.

Using hand spun yarns in your Saori  weaving is  very cool and expressive. Some wonderful saori weaving done by a student /friend who spins her own weft yarns regualrly .She is spinning now on the louet  s 90 wheel to make her  amazing yarns. She then sews her hand woven hand spun fabrics into  unique garments.

There is something about those Louet LE s90 spinning wheels that is just right. I was disappointed that they did not manufacture them any more BUT this year Louet made a very small  LIMITTED run of them, the first is 20 yrs. I had purchased one 14 yrs ago used, and have really loved it to spin and teach with it. Other wheels  have come and gone, but this one remains a favorite.
I have two of these special edition LE s90's  that I ordered and they have arrived  and are now available for sale. One has sold ,info where to buy a louet LE s90 in my etsy shop an yes, I ship , or come by the studio to test drive.  The TWO following photos are  from a  customer who sent them to me she just recieved her LEs 90 wheel  two days ago. She  wrote to me to say how much she loves it.

A customers testimonial and photos :
I wanted to tell you too as a selling feature of the Louet is that nothing has to be removed. Plus I swear its lighter weight and less bulky than my lendrum. So for travel with the  lendrum  I have to unscrew the head,put that in my bag or basket. Unscrew the treadles and fold that up. It's a hassle to remove the head. With the Louet is super simple. You can use my happy customer feedback anytime.  I feel fortunate to have been able to order one of these from you of this very  limited edition wheel." S

Handspun yarns  in blues .Various fibers, mostly wool .Saori loom woven,  designed and sewed by my student.

streamline, timeless design
balanced fly wheel
compact, nothing has to come off it all folds up , even the flyer stays on just fold it down, it fits right into the grove in the wheel safely.
Here are photos of my 20 yr old s90 , it still looks fantastic!, nothing has broken on it, and it is durable.  It looks barely used after years of use. A photo of  student learning on it. these and othe Louet  wheels  and fibers, and carders in my Etsy shop. I  also can order any Louet equipment just contact me through my etsy shop.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
 Jill Nickolene
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Saori Santa Cruz Mobius cowl/scarf work shop

 After a Saori  TRY IT  class  saori santa cruz classes Garnett and Roberta came to learn in a two day class how to wind warps, thread, and dress there looms. "I want to weave on A saori loom and learn to wind  my own warps."  Ok lets do it and weave a fantastic saori mobius cowl as you learn .

   Garnett Winding her first warp

 Really liked the wool colors she choose

Using the saori  cross holder and threading holder 

 Roberta  chose cottons is fantastic fiesta colors.

 beaming on

 Trying on one of my latest ( not finished yet ) netural cottons clothing pieces.

 Garnett  weaving in her warp as weft as she finishes her cowl on the loom.
 Roberta's happy fun colors " you said not to over think so I just went to the yarn shelves and choose what every I wanted , I can't believe how fantastic my choices were!"

 Roberts fantastic colorful cottons and linen cowel , she will go home,  finish twisting  fringes,and wear it after a  soak it in cool water  . hers is an double wrap cowl.

Twisted ties done! mobius done! lovely! fun Roberta!

Garnetts fabulous  wool cowl before a soak, durning a  soak  and  as she is twisting fringes . I cant wait to see it after it drys! Garnett send me a photo!

Peaceful Weaving
Jill Nickolene Sanders