Thursday, December 25, 2014

Saori Weaving classes at Saori Santa Cruz studio

Phone messages  and emails to me ... " what is Saori weaving, can I weave if I do not have any weaving experience"?  "Can I bring a freind?" '"can my child weave ?"  those are amoung the most common question asked  from new weavers and experienced ones as well. The answer is YES! Saori is for EVERYONE of differeing abilities, ages. It is the known as "no mistakes weaving" because you come and sit down  to a prepared Saori loom and in a minute you are weaving beautiful memories and cloth..In saori we are "human and not machines" so we treasure  and celebrate what traditional weavers would think of as "flaws". 
Schedule a class and  come to the studio and your Saori weaving experience has been launched!
 In this class I had Antoinette and Eileen . Antoinette is new to weaving and wanted a two hour "try it class". Eileen has been weaving with me for over a year and has her own Saori loom. She needed a refresher in winding  her own warps . I schedule custom classes weekly. Contact me for more  information jill"s email or go to my web site www.saorisantacruz for phone and or other contact info about Classes or coming to your school , business, parties etc. for demno's or workshops.

One of the best parts of teaching Saori classes is watching the students choose from  the thousands of cones of yarns to excite them into finding there unique  inner self .

  Elieen wound three smaller warps for scarves on the free standing saori warping frame

Antoinette wove a beautiful first weaving ever!

They had  fun trying on my Saori woven, sewn and designed garments too…

 The sleeved  gusseted  Ruanna …. Eileen loved and  it went home with her in fact she wore it home no wanting to take it off. It is just lovely on you!

  "I absolutely love  Saori weaving, I want to come back and weave a scarf next! Can I do that? "

Absolutely , schedule a time and plan for a either a 6 hour class  or two 4 hour or multiple  two hour classes or a combination of all three. "
 In fact I have many students come back with friends or family members too.
I weigh each woven piece when it done for the material fee.


Who is this?
   Meet my My giant  hand knit Gnome ! ( Tomten) greeted students this past week more about my famous gnome here
It is part of our winter solstice to always include him… the grand children love him. it traveled to our daughter and son in laws home for our family gathering this past week end ...

 ….and recieved lots of attention and LOVE.
along with Father Noel

 we were making solstice crafts

 and the  Saori piccolo loom came along too and was woven on….
 Here two cousins are taking turns weaving


 Misao Jo the founder of Saori  her story is here miaso's story.
I have a  photo and a piece of a weaving she wove is hanging a glass frame in my studio

  and  the annual season's greeting card from Saori No Mori  Japan  to me and photo…..
Peace At The Loom
Jill Nickolene

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Saori 4 harness loom : Threading away from the loom

You met Roberta winding her warp in my last blog. I went to her studio  last week to teach her to thread her saori sx60 4 harness off the loom with the Saori threading holder 

Now. They are not making it anymore . 
we unfurled her just compleated first saori weaving

 It is just beautiful.

  We have taken her chained warp and placed it is the Saori cross holder/protector here which takes the place of holding the cross in ones hand or using lease sticks.

 Here you see the cross holder in position along with the saori threading holder  that is supporting  the ready to thread the reed. horizontally .
 Easy to see the next threads coming from the cross in order. Here she is threading 4 threads per reed dent.
 The notch cut from the SAORI BRASS SLEY HOOK HERE is unique because your can either push from the top the warp threads into the reed or use the other end to hook and pull through the threads .

  Here we have put two sets of the threading holders together to thread  the heddles on her 4 harness comfortably at a table away from the loom.
  The Saori  Unique threading holder is a real back saver, no more hunching over your looms front and back beams to thread the heddles!
Interestingly Roberta did not have a saori heddle threader. so for the first 10 heddles or so we used her standard schacht or what ever  threader. OMG it was horrible! I went to the car and got my saori threader and it was like magic Instantaneously sucess! GOOD TOOLS even as simply as a threading hook make a huge difference . Saori threading hook here check them out.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Saori warping board, and new Saori yarns yarn sets.

 Roberta came to wind a warp one evening last week at SAORISANTACRUZ…. first chose the colors...

Beautiful choice of colors!
 … then she learned to wind the warp on the Saori warping frame  more here SAORI WARPING FRAME HERE

 SHE is very happy! in a few days I will be heading to her studio to show her how to thread  and beam on Saori loom for a mobius cowl scarf.


I received many new Saori yarn sets from Japan Last week these are the ones available still in my etsy shop 

 Fuchsia .... like only Saori Japan can do. wool 10 cone set. with ombres and textures.. see them here in my etsy shop : yarns sets

 LOCK LOMOND COTTON and textures

Lavender Satin  textured wools

"Wearing my heart on my sleeve "red  and textured wools

"The marquises mistress dress" dusky evening rose and lavenders and textures

 Kori stopped by for tea to buy a  fringe twister .She had on a really cool newly woven Saori scarf she made ...

…. and  it is  and she was wearing a very beautiful  hand spun sweater which she spun and naturally dyed the  wool yarns for.


A new Saori redesigned Heddle threader arrived as well

 The long one is the new design available here in my etsy shop


 I made our 2 year grand son a "star boy hat" in which I needle felted wool to wool. He will wear it with his sister ( she is wearing Lucia bride crown with candles ) on the winter solstice  they will be bringing  in light on the darkest day.
 for now it is  safely on their Christmas tree out of the reach of a certain  little smallie with the  desire   to wear it each and every day….

Peaceful spinning, weaving, felting in the redwoods...

Jill Nickolene

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 The new  redesigned S10C Louet Concept wheel will be arriving from Holland in about a week.