Thursday, December 25, 2014

Saori Weaving classes at Saori Santa Cruz studio

Phone messages  and emails to me ... " what is Saori weaving, can I weave if I do not have any weaving experience"?  "Can I bring a freind?" '"can my child weave ?"  those are amoung the most common question asked  from new weavers and experienced ones as well. The answer is YES! Saori is for EVERYONE of differeing abilities, ages. It is the known as "no mistakes weaving" because you come and sit down  to a prepared Saori loom and in a minute you are weaving beautiful memories and cloth..In saori we are "human and not machines" so we treasure  and celebrate what traditional weavers would think of as "flaws". 
Schedule a class and  come to the studio and your Saori weaving experience has been launched!
 In this class I had Antoinette and Eileen . Antoinette is new to weaving and wanted a two hour "try it class". Eileen has been weaving with me for over a year and has her own Saori loom. She needed a refresher in winding  her own warps . I schedule custom classes weekly. Contact me for more  information jill"s email or go to my web site www.saorisantacruz for phone and or other contact info about Classes or coming to your school , business, parties etc. for demno's or workshops.

One of the best parts of teaching Saori classes is watching the students choose from  the thousands of cones of yarns to excite them into finding there unique  inner self .

  Elieen wound three smaller warps for scarves on the free standing saori warping frame

Antoinette wove a beautiful first weaving ever!

They had  fun trying on my Saori woven, sewn and designed garments too…

 The sleeved  gusseted  Ruanna …. Eileen loved and  it went home with her in fact she wore it home no wanting to take it off. It is just lovely on you!

  "I absolutely love  Saori weaving, I want to come back and weave a scarf next! Can I do that? "

Absolutely , schedule a time and plan for a either a 6 hour class  or two 4 hour or multiple  two hour classes or a combination of all three. "
 In fact I have many students come back with friends or family members too.
I weigh each woven piece when it done for the material fee.


Who is this?
   Meet my My giant  hand knit Gnome ! ( Tomten) greeted students this past week more about my famous gnome here
It is part of our winter solstice to always include him… the grand children love him. it traveled to our daughter and son in laws home for our family gathering this past week end ...

 ….and recieved lots of attention and LOVE.
along with Father Noel

 we were making solstice crafts

 and the  Saori piccolo loom came along too and was woven on….
 Here two cousins are taking turns weaving


 Misao Jo the founder of Saori  her story is here miaso's story.
I have a  photo and a piece of a weaving she wove is hanging a glass frame in my studio

  and  the annual season's greeting card from Saori No Mori  Japan  to me and photo…..
Peace At The Loom
Jill Nickolene

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