Monday, October 2, 2017

My new Saori hand woven Jacket AND introducing a new Saori Loom model the WX90 wider LOOM

 The Fall equinox arrived and with it  lovely Autumn  weather here in the redwood mountains of California . I was inspired to sew and got to work  designing  and making   a new jacket  from my Saori yardage I wove in February .

 The fibers I used are mostly cotton, and silk, rayon and some linen

 two pockets
  It drapes and has many ways to wear the front

a flattering shape with a back gusset

  my  jackets are a one size fits most design

  If you are intrested in buying  my Fall equniox jacket  you can find contact  info through my web site below  SOLD


  new to my etsy shop  Nancy's interchangable Niddy Noddy 2 sizes 1 yard and 2 yard. it breaks down it's own Denimn zipperd case. i have had one for years I take it spin in's and for travel .
it is excellently made i have had one and used one for  many years.It has my jill's seal of approval, maple and the screws go into metal threads so no compromising of the wood, made to last!


Shop update
my SAORI limited special warps are here and selling out fast!

  and SILKs

  Subtle beautiful dark silk shades

check out the whole shippment here Saori Special warps in my Etsy shop


  The amazing saori classic saori ch60 loom in stock… i adore this loom!


Introducing a brand new model Saori loom the wx90  wider you can  weave to just shy of 36"!

  in stock the NEW SAORI WX90 LOOM, 36" weaving width loom!
  special order about 4-5 weeks shipping  costs are additional . Please not all the accessories for the saori wx90 are special order as well and reflect the higher cost that comes with the larger width saori loom. 
 For more info on the new WX90 loom  saori wx90 loom info and to buy here



  give up?
  it is a handle for the saori 60's series loom !

  no tools needed to attach . it just fits on the beater cap with the existing screw s takes a minute to attach

 and why would a weaver need the beater handle? It is perfect with those with shoulder issues, and limitations. here are 2  photos  sent to me  this week by  one of my buyers  Julie's 87 year old  mother weaving for the first time on her  saori wx60 loom . she  can reach easily  with no problem of pain !

Saori weaving is for all people, with all abilities.  available here in my Etsy shop

  it is autumn  a wonderful time to bring your Saori  looms outside weave !

Peace from the loom
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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