Saturday, March 26, 2016

Student activity weaving and sewing at Saori Santa Cruz and I am in print check it out.

David VanStralen at Louet north America asked if I would write a guest blog about the new Louet Victoria Wheel Art Yarn HEAD  and and flyer
It went Live March 22 
Check it out link to Louet's blog page and MY PHOTOS!

   I have been spinning on my Louet victoria travel wheel for the past few days coils and puffs
utlizing the new brilliant art yarn head conversion!
This skein I finished today with my hand painted rovings  I solar dyed late last summer. with the Large Bulky Bobbin I can fill it up ! I got the this nice large skein!

Louet dependable never fussy wheels  see other louet wheel models here

Two sewers last week

   Leigh Ann came for a Basic machine class ...learn to thread , and choose stitches
   and another student Shelia  who is  advanced ... she is setting in a sleeves

  ...and she did a beautiful job!


Kerri came to a try it class 

  Kerri twisted fringes with the Lacis Fringe and cord twister lacis fringe twister .
she chose a branch from a selection I have in the studio  from our property and made a wall hanging !


…... Meryl  came latter on in the week  saori try it class info.

 Meryl tried out the saori WX60 FOLDING LOOM

   and the Saori Piccolo ….she really love  the 15 lb  SAORI PICCOLO LOOM HERE she said it was  just the right size for her home.


 Found some time to spin some sea island cotton
  spinning cotton on My charka ….

A new yarn in my etsy shop  a true dark black rayon chenille  nice to to add texture and large cones.

 another  beautiful rayon to add some textured shine

   A group of large textured rayons this one Lemon creme

  There is chartreuse ,candy apple red, and Delphinium blue  all in large cones  at  great price .
 check them out the new yarns here
New crop of loom bags fresh from my sewing room… they fit the saori x60 all sizes and a special size for the piccolo.

  go here to see them in my  Etsy shop loom bags

  The the new  growth of  Japanese  maple is bright red , the leaves as they mature  will turn green in a couple of months…

I am so excited!  warmer weather ! This means  more classes out side on the lower teaching deck now  HAPPY SPRING!

Peaceful Weaving In The Redwoods 

Jill Nickolene Sanders

Friday, March 11, 2016

New Saori zen day student and a Mommy and Me class and The MAKERS FAIRE

I love meeting new students . This week Jorie and her freind Liz and 4 year old Arlo came for classes this week..

 What is it about Saori weaving and children?  I like to think the superb design of the Saori Piccolo LOOM here HELPS A LOT!!!
Arlo wove straight for the whole two hour class! He was totally amazing!

 Jorie was  weaving  and listening to her music.. she wove  amazingly beautiful patterns...

 Liz did get some weaving done when she was not changing bobbins for little Arlo!

 Jorie tries out the 4 harness saori CH60 LOOM

  Look at those beautiful textures!
 Jorie trying on one of my suggestions for a  black and netural  hand woven yardage she wove and brought along ( my photos of it did not turn out I took! too blury)

 Isn't this a beautiful piece that she wove !!

Bravo Jorie! 

Guess what?  I will be in the Santa cruz makers faire  with my Saori looms drop by and weave !

for times and more info go here santa cruz makers fair info

weave every day
we are not machines so weave freely and humanly 
play… expand... be brave.. and let go
share your weaving with others
if you are not sparkling when you weave... you are not weaving saori 

peace from the loom 
Jill Nickolene Sanders