Sunday, September 12, 2021

Threading away from the loom with the brilliant Saori Kenzo table top system, Siru rigid heddle loom art yarn scarf , student finishes her saori scarf

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Antoniette had been weaving her scarf in August , went on vacation and came back this week  to finish it . I love her folkloric colors !

I  would wear this scarf right now! LOVE IT!  she wove a wonderful scarf ! sign up and come weave a scarf! no previous weaving experience needed !


Wanting to use some of my art yarn stash  so i warped and wove a scarf with my hand spun on my 
SIRU rigid heddle loom

i tried a new way to direct warp with my glimakra raddle 
Siru heddels come in 3 sizes i needed a larger one for my art yarn so i hacked a ashford rigid heddle 
( i sell ashford rh looms in my new etsy shop) it works perfectly! it only took 15 minutes change . a hack saw was i needed.

and  beaming on with out going through the heddle worked!
i love trying out new ideas i have though up. 

in my new  etsy shop CENTERINGWITHFIBER
this loom is sturdy and strong , a lot of fun.

 my art yarn that i spun and used in this scarf 


  Just had to wind a happy cotton warp for my saori loom. i wanted it yellow! so i gathered my yarns and and wound a warp on my saori warping frame 

 take off the warp WITH OUT CHAINING! and place it in a bag .

 i can not tell you how much i love the Saori warping frame ! along with it i love the ASHFORD 6 CONE THREADING HOLDER HERE i wound a 12 yard warp 280 ends in about an hour. winding 5 at a time for the KENZO TABLE TOP SYSTEM 

beam your warps comfortably standing in front of and turning the  handled beam  after you have placed the warp in the built in dividing rod ( raddle)

 all beamed on now trim the ends to be even 

no leaning over the loom for hours thread the harneses and reed on the table top comfortably pick up  the inside set and take to your loom and hang it all threaded! Tension hook up treadles in minutes you are weaving . 


lets talk yarn, cotton yarn  i have many yarns in my etsy shop here etsy shop sections yarns 
here are 3 yarn  cotton cone sets in 3 different weights 
8/2 the thinner weight great for warps and weft. 8/4 a bit thicker for both warp and weft  , and 4/4 great for textures and bags, and rugs and place mats

also i have these soft cotton yartns in another section of my etsy shop

Jill Nickolene Sanders
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