Saturday, December 28, 2013

Freindships grow in a learn about SAORI weaving class.

How delightful it was to have three new to weaving students this week visit and try out  SAORI  " this is addicting, in a good way" and another said " I love this we  have to comeback!"

Thank you Caryl, Colleen, and Stephanie I had as much fun as you had teaching and sharing saori weaving.
  LOOK at this I  just recieved a new SAORI 10 cone wool yarn set" lavender shadows in Provence" from Japan. Gorgeous ! I have it in my etsy shop and in the studio….
limitted saori yarn set here


Christmas day I WOVE A SCARF! I used  mostly ART YARNS I spun this summer see more here summer heat and spinning yarns blog

 and wove a  special piece for my granddaughters Dec. 26 th birthday, she loves pink and sparkles

 She absolutely loved it!!!

Wishing you a peaceful inspiring new year . Skoal to 2014 !
peace through fibers
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Friday, December 20, 2013

learning to spin at Saori Santa Cruz Studio

Lisa loves her mustang horse Chico. she wanted to learn how to spin so that she could use chico's beautiful redish brown under coat for making yarn. 

 First we praticed on already carded roving
  Then I showed Lisa how to  charge the  hand carders with fiber  and then to blend colors...

A  nice blue rolag
 Houston we have yarn!    my favorite  turkish drop spindle

louet hand cards


  AND we have plied YARN!
 a niddy noddy and…
Lisa's first little blended mustang horse hair  and wool hand spun skein!

peaceful spinning in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

Saori student returns to Saori Santa Cruz studio for weaving yaradage classes

The first step in creating your own weaving is to wind a wind a warp. Saori looms are unique in that you can buy warps already wound in there readymade warps. unique only to Saori looms selection of some premade warps
The other option is to learn to wind your own unique warps on a warping frame /board. The the Saori warping frame comes with an optional "stand" that alows you to wind a warp with the the warping frame standing free of any wall support . saoriwarping frame

The first step in winding a warp is choosing your yarns. I like to call this the yarn gathering. Here is Eileen choosing her yarns.

Now on to learning how to wind a warp….
 kick off your shoes and relax and start.

Securing the porry cross with ties and chaining off… warp stored away till next class where we will thread and dress the loom.
Eileen Brought some hand woven pieces she had woven on her rigid heddle loom to show me her favorite color ways… beautiful yarns


speaking of yarns… i recieved a new  saori wool  Limitted edition  10 cone set last week. this one is "Sherwood Forest" , a colection of tweeds  boucles,and more. i love the combination of the lighter blue green cones to the the more yellow base shades. brilliant Saori!
etsy shop yarn link

two new folding  loom bags  that I  just made

  lavender  velvet loom bag

 circle and squares  red loom bag

and a amazing  special priced silk spinning fiber set from Louet
more information on this amazing fiber group special price

and a limitted production of Saori textured silk pre made warps sizes 8', 12", and 16" wide with a 12.5 reed silk warps etsy shop

Jill Nickolene