Saturday, December 28, 2013

Freindships grow in a learn about SAORI weaving class.

How delightful it was to have three new to weaving students this week visit and try out  SAORI  " this is addicting, in a good way" and another said " I love this we  have to comeback!"

Thank you Caryl, Colleen, and Stephanie I had as much fun as you had teaching and sharing saori weaving.
  LOOK at this I  just recieved a new SAORI 10 cone wool yarn set" lavender shadows in Provence" from Japan. Gorgeous ! I have it in my etsy shop and in the studio….
limitted saori yarn set here


Christmas day I WOVE A SCARF! I used  mostly ART YARNS I spun this summer see more here summer heat and spinning yarns blog

 and wove a  special piece for my granddaughters Dec. 26 th birthday, she loves pink and sparkles

 She absolutely loved it!!!

Wishing you a peaceful inspiring new year . Skoal to 2014 !
peace through fibers
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