Monday, June 29, 2020

Prepping fiber, carding batts for 3 weeks of spinning yarn for Tour De Fleece 2020

This year the Tour De France  cycling race has been postponed, maybe cancelled but because of covid 19 my ravelry group  " weaving in the saori way " decided to hold our TOUR DE FLEECE spin a long to keep our spirts up while we are to stay home to stay safe.
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BTW i have been a member for 12 years my ravelry name is Nickolena . I have almost 6,400 members in my group! especially durning the Pandemic we have spin a longs, weave a longs and chats and and are a social group with fiber arts as our favorite medium.

 my batts i created for TDF this year to spin the yarn spun  will eventually go into  my weaving 

colorful batts i made just to spin for 3 week of TDF 20

  all  72 of my carded batts , 4 batts in each 18 separate color ways



to spin singles the treadling is the best design of any wheel made, effortless easy on the joints a rocking side by side  motion not heel toe

  not having a sliding hook or cup hooks on the flyer but only nylon pegs is a huge development  for spinners  makes spinning so much more fun.

 i made super coils on my firefly by spinolution. a moterized  wheel mine i have the 32 oz bobbin on .

  days 2 spin

  i used my ASHFORD SUPER JUMBO E SPINNER HERE quiet and portable with huge bobbins.


many of the wool fibers i use in my batts come from dyed rovings from my etsy shop fiber section

MY ETSY FIBER SECTION CLICK HERE       here are the 8 oz bags of Corriedale

and  wonderful merino silks too in 4 oz bags 

staying safe in the redwoods 
 the studio is still not open for classes but curb side pick up and my etsy shop is open i ship out regularly or email me from my web site below with questions 

                                                                 Jill Nickolene Sanders