Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weaving, and spinning and creating at Saori Santa Cruz fiber arts studio

I am busy with submissions and spinning for the Tour De Fleece in my Ravelry group here weaving in the saori way where we spin our own yarns for our Saori weaving durning the Tour de France cycling race only we call ours " the tour de fleece." many groups participate on teams on Ravelry  but my group focuses on spinning to use in our Saori weaving. I will post photos of a few  of days but to see them  all on go to the link above  and have fun seeing what so many have spun for TDF.

A few weeks back I wrote a blog about my solar dyeing solar dyeing blog here
I am using those fibers now  to spin yarns for weaving . Here is  a coil  skein I finished last evening. my goal was to spin some each day, some days I spun for  4 hours other days  only 30 minutes it varies  but I spin  yarns every for the duration of the tour de france.

  I spun singles  , a bobbin full , at a all day group outing with my Mavens group  at the beach Friday
  Then saturday I core plyed coils on my  New Louet S10C double treadle wheel smooth and easy and fuss free, I LOVE it!
  The fiber is Polworth fleece top.

we had a great day at Capitola  beach  a few photos of everyone enjoying the day . I took my SAORI  piccolo loom   15 lb portabe loom here and Antoinette wove all day, most of us bring our wheels and spin.

  A very cool Saori hand woven strap Antoinette sewed onto her bag for sharing.

    I have been busy sewing three new  Saori umbrellas weeks of hand sewing but they are so fun..

 Kristen loves them!

More TDF spinning these batts were solar dyed and  I drum carded them

   I Soakthe finished skeins  in warm water  to set the twist but no need to rinse with Soak unscented soap wash here I love this wash it lasts forever and really cleans besides being gentle on fibers ...

 silk solar dyed un spun hankies i spun.


  Santa Crruz Style Magazine contacted me and is going to do a piece on  my Saori Santa Cruz studio
they sent out Bill Lovejoy for a photo shoot . Lee took photos of bill taking photos last week.

 Due out in  the Sept issue 2015

 My favorite  no cap to lose, no leak spinng wheel oil you can get it here 4 oz bottle.

 silk on my drop spindle

  cotton  I spun on the charka

  5 or 6 more days of TDF to go….

Peaceful spinning and weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders