Tuesday, December 25, 2012

winter solstice, saori weaving with kids, and hand woven fabric prep

 I received a Saori hand woven post card greeting from Trish , a moderator in my 'weaving in the Saori way"  ravelry group  ravelry! how fantastic is this!

 My life sized  Tomten (gnome ) I  knit   tomten blog link , and fox  wished every one a merry Christmas today!

  Look who is that jingling at the door? It is Pere NOEL (father christmas) arriving  with  toys!
(aka Lee my husband)
Such excitement!!!

 transparent fleece fiber fun for the kids and adults!

Tease the  wool fleece and angelina sparkling fiber

then sandwich them between parchment paper and press with a hot iron  for a few seconds.

little one weaving on the saori piccolo loom ( one month since her 3rd birthday)! 

up in the wee hours finishing my Saori wool purple yardage .

  In the forground is a birthday gift from a good friend Sue, all hand dyed and spun yarn!
I am using it in my purple weaving.

 Off the loom and a quick photo in the rain before  I twist fringes  and wash and full the yardage.

  checking on the progress still needs a couple of more minutes before I put it on spin cycle and press with a hot iron right from the spin cycle.

Gifts given, christmas /solstice meal served crafts done, time for  Father Noel ( Boppa noel ) to rest with with the elves for espresso and pie.


Jill Nickolene Sanders

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saori holiday weaving loom class

I just love it when out of town guests, family and friends come for a saori weaving class day .saori santa cruz class schedule Driving up to the red woods in the santa cruz mountains to the studio is always a treat but to sit down to the loom with out  having to have  any previous knowledge. and start weaving right away is so much fun! no pressure just loads of smiles and a outlet for expression. Elizabeth and her mum Carol had a wonderful warm winter solstice class.

cozy and warm with the wood stove glowing Elizabeth  and Carol start weaving

choosing the just the right shade of yarns from the hundreds on shelves

Just off the loom Elizabeth's monochromatic hanging
 Carols fun woven hanging.

very happy weavers

 twisting  fringes

Fun peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Happy Winter Solstice

Jill nickolene Sanders