Friday, April 26, 2024

April student 3 day learn to SAORI warp and thread . and a day of learning to spin art yarn.

  3 days of intensive learning at SAORI SANTA CRUZ. LaRayne learned sooo much last week!

first 2 days learn to wind a warp and make her own ready made warp.

day one blue's cotton warp.

love the saori free standing warping frame 

~~~~~~~~~~ day 2 white textures! wide and long filling the dividing rod i used a cardboard warp separator to cover the open dividing rod sections  till the cap can be slid on. 

using lease sticks to thread the heddles in the click KENZO SYSTEM HERE

Beaming on 

An example from a different warp  of  my hybrid threading the  heddles using  lease sticks and Kenzo System much easier laying the lease sticks on the threading shelf .


there were zero threading mistakes!


day 3 learning to spin art yarn on the SPINOLUTION FIREFLY WHEEL 16 OZ BOBBINS

Spinolution FIRE FLY WHEEL click here 

a wonderful 3 days! 

see saai's new scarf ( special needs autustic ) ocean colors beautiful  don't you think?


roopa has woven two scarves this past month 

New folding loom bags in my etsy shop Loom bag here
“ scouting at river fork trail”

peaceful weaving and spinning in the santa cruz redwood mountains

Jill N Sanders


Saturday, March 23, 2024

More student classes and i finished my new Saori LIGHT HOUSE POINT TIDE POOL JACKET and simple saori sewen top

much  of my hand spun  went into my tide pools jacket 
here is my student Lea modeling it 

i here i am with selfies 

here is the  saori yardage i wove a year and a half ago 

 basted looking good to go ahead ...

 pockets done too 


roopa trying the jacket on 

and lea  trying it on video

speaking of Lea she was taking a class in making her own warp yesterday
she chose monarch butterfly colors cotton warp

260 ends by about 9 meters long! Lea with thread it at home on her saori ch60 loom.

Check the perfect tension !

Katherine came for a whole day of  peaceful weaving… 

a fabulous scarf!

And it unfurls!

This turned out wonderful

my new simple saori top 

 peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill N Sanders