Saturday, September 30, 2023

sewing a hand woven pillow class , saori weaving students learning tecniques

 Joi brought some of her saori  yardage to sew into pillows. she had never sewn before and wanted zippers in her cushions so yes her first sewing ever included sewing in a zipper!


Her pieces of yardage 

ta da 

Joi spent the remainder of the class learning tecniques 
one was "making waves"

another tecnique was using the saori art yarn maker to create unique weft yarns 

clamp on the art yarn maker and use your saori loom's bobbin winder you can make yarn, wrist wraps 

layering the art yarn 

SAORI STAND ALONE BOBBIN WINDER HERE to use if you do not have a saori loom 

we did more tecniques but this is just a sample from the class

Saai and roopa her aide ( Saai is on the spectrum of autism ) are back weaving. this time i put Roopa on a piccolo 40 loom durning class to weave while i taught  saai.

she was very happy

welcomed a lovely couple yesterdsay for  a saori try it class never before weavers 

what fun they had


Jill N Sanders

Friday, August 25, 2023


MEET SOPHIE AND KATE. Kate brought Sophie to the studio for a suprise birthday gift class. they had so much fun! 


Laura's family was visiting for a week, and she scheduled  a class for her Aunt Holly and her mom Robin t and herself at the studio  and oh what fun she and her family had!

 what fun…

i loved seeing how her aunt holly started out with a palin weave then caught on to the saori way and and now she is totally hooked for weaving. she had never woven before!


Saai was back weaving in july and august
she is on the autistic spectrum . i have taught her for quite a few years. but i loved here latest saori weaving. 

 peaceful weaving in the california redwoods
Jill N Sanders

Thursday, August 24, 2023

A Brand new Saori weaver learns winding a warp, beaming, threading and weaving to beautiful garments , Videos.

 Meet Mahika, she wanted to learn to weave and happend to read about the saori philosphy  and looms and scheduled classes at the studio  in July and and August while she she was back home for the summer from  her university across the country.

She was so very delightful as a student. very creative and artistic ……..


winding her first Saori warp
beaming on and threading with the keno table top threader 

winding bobbins with the built in bobbin winder

bobbins ready for the shuttle placed in the bobbin rack

 towards the end of the warp i weighted a few lose warps 
 weaving her shawl

measuring about half way through 

 off the loom all done 

twisting fringes 

 lovely shawl!

for Mahika's  second warp she wanted to make a garment so i suggested a ruana . 

 here color choices for her second  weaving 

saori free standing warping frame here

beaming on and threading on a table top the saori way. KENZO'S SAORI TABLE TOP BEAMING AND THREADING HOLDER

 12 bobbin  maple rack here 

yardage done

she loves it 

next class sewing into a ruana 

pinning trying on


 peaceful weaving in the redwoods
jill N Sanders