Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween fiber day and Saori weaving with children

I hosted our local Mavens group here at with a spooky theme this week it was a scream!!!

Welcome to the spooky fiber party!

  Jon tried out my new to the studio Clemes and Clemes Elite motorized drum carder for his shetland washed fleece. Others carded spooky  art batts but I was too busy hosting down stairs and did not capture the fun on my camera!
 It is a awesome drum carder. I have been a Clemes and Clemes dealer and am thrilled to have this brand new designed carder now! I  so if you are wanting to try it, make an appointment and stop by!  Or contact me here SAORI SANTA CRUZ EMAIL

Jon loved his shetland fleece carded  batt he made with it  …the drum  was not even  close to being  full . We weighed  it was over 2 oz.

 Brenda was spinning "Anger"  RED art yarn with skulls and spikes

Lea came as a scarecrow with orange yarn sticking out of her shirt.

 The  day of the dead cackling green eyed skull kept us laughing!

Jenny came with her aide Brittany ( jenney is blind) and with her mini spinner spinning "wheel".

Jenny is a saori weaver now too! Last month she entered her handspun yarn and weaving in the Santa Cruz County fair. She gifted me one of pieces as a thank you and  full of gratitude for showing her fiber paths( including Saori weaving ) that have changed her life. I adore this weaving!

Jon welded and formed special tools for her (as he is her  teacher now ) and since I taught Jon saori weaving, and spinning he is helping Jenny. Saori looms have accessories for disabled  weavers like the saori shuttle  shelf click here

 The little bits of white in the weft  are from her dearly beloved decades old favorite quilt that finely disintegrated  so she repurposed little bits sprinkled in this weaving. I am so thrilled ! It is beautiful!

 Jon brought some weaving to share a" Maltese cross " pattern  over shot long  cotton and wool yaradage piece.

Vibrant and gorgeous Jon!

There was so much going on and I did not get the photos of what  all was brought busy hosting, for example  ...the home grown mini ears of popcorn Lea grew, and chocolate cupcakes with green and purple frosting from Shar, the orange scull goblets and more! What a fun , safe, but  totally peaceful gorgeous perfect  weather day too … thank you mavens all!


Hannelee 8 and her Brother Carson 3  came  with there mom to to the studio. Hannalee wanted to weave again when they visited Santa Cruz this week so a class was scheduled.

 Hannalee is tall enough for the standard  height SAORI WX60  loom  this year but Carson decided he wanted to weave too so I  adjusted a piccolo down to the lower level let him choose his colors and he wove a few inches! ADORABLE!!!  Click here to see the Saori piccolo loom

Happiness through weaving
 " I wove a rainbow" 

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene

Sunday, October 5, 2014

New Saori clothing and New Organic 8/2 cotton weaving cone yarn sets

For Saori, and all weavers our "paint"is YARN! I have added some new Certified Organic Cotton cone yarn sets to my Etsy shop here  Audubon bird thoughts for creative weaving  …..

Stellers Jay

 Purple Martin Plumage


Mallard Duck ( guy yarn too)

Two cone sets of christmas greens and reads because there are always door hangings, runners, and fun Christmas themes to explore and it seems these colors are always missing from my stash  just when I need  them , you too?..


 Muriel a new student took a class this past week in winding a warp and threading and beaming on the loom. She needed the experience and guiding to learn the steaps of dressing a loom.
 I chose the yarns  because i wanted to weave a scarf in those colors. She will be going home to use her own yarns to wind her own warp and weave.

  She took notes and enjoyed the whole  hands on process.


This year was my year for no shows, so I finely had some time to put my Handwovens in my Etsy shop here

my hand spun , dyed, carded ,woven and sewen pillows , more to come….

My finished "shadows of middle earth " etherial jacket 


 Sometimes the amount of work in a piece ,the exquisite yarns I have used and the design of a piece finds me longing to keep it just a little bit be longer in the studio. A special person who adores the textures and unique  luxury yarns will purchase  this stunning piece  and recieve astonished accolades .Never mediocre wearable art….   . more info here

my "SYRAH  PEWTER GOBLET " wool ruana click here

Back to the loom, what are you weaving?

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders