Monday, October 31, 2022

Peek in at my SAORI Santa Cruz weaving and spinning classes


 Cindy ,Jeanie, and Antoinette  in class

cindy wove a green and red holiday theme cowl 

jeanie loved her first weaving

a video of this great class 


Tara came for a spinning workshop and Candace came for a saori try it weaving class

chosing a branch for her weaving 
tying on to the branch 

tara loves the spinolution echo here

go here and email to schedule a class 


I STARTED  out September  out with a saori weaving challange. My Ravelry group weaving in the saori way on ravely group here 

 first 10 yards of my weave a yard a day for 30 days went well 

 using the comb reed section 

video of the first 10 yards finished 

my second 10 yards on the loom in greys saga  carrying on

so you can see how i wound the warp more broad stripes 
did not like it so i threaded the contrast more dispersing it throughout BUT it cause a lot of chaos  on the bcak warp ...but i preserved in spite! 

 at this junction i was 15 days 15 yard marks.then……
i went to a student 's home about 30 miles away to help her with her two saori looms for her special needs daughter 
saori ch60 loom info here
 fixed the looms and then upon leaving i walked out into a room with a invisable step down and fell very hard… ambulance to the hospital i could not walk for 12 days. horrible not close to home 
 in the hospital i got excelent care  at good Samaritan  how the rehab facility  i was transfer to try to get me to walk was horrible i had to get home after 16 days of not walking!!!!

finely got home sept 26 walking only with a rollator very limited but no broken bones.

so after a week home i made it to my loom bench and decided to resume my yard a day for the second 15 days i needed to finish!  all that black and grey was depressing so i added torn green fabric strips 

i added black wool  here and there so that when i washed it it would shrink in hot water
ruching (  slight ruffling) in places.

washed it worked! it felted causing ruching in places yea! it will be used as  a piece of clothing ...

finished the 10 yards grey 10 more yards to go.. on to my next warp ...

i had a red cashmere warp on the piccolo 40 loom and because i could not wind a warp because not able to move much i carried on weaving my next 4 yards on the warp that was ready to go.

 the awesome sweet little  piccolo 40 loom here 

 video of the cashmere pink and red 4 yards finished !

next up a blue  cotton warp that had been threaded on a inside set  6 yards on a piccolo . my last yard a day push
let me tell you that the hours of days i spent weaving was physical therapy  and it actually helped me a lot!

bright colors again were healing for me to weave 

 the first weaving off  of the blue warp 

starting the second blue warp weaving  and final  weaving taking be to my 30 yards goal with a hospital break in between  same warp different color way in the weft .

 i was going for a more tweedy look 
 i love this last weaving!

video of last on the 30 days 30 yards!

i did it, with a painful  hospital detour in the middle but i finished my goal .
my PT guy said he never saw anyone come back so quickly  from all those torn muscles ( no broken bones, no concussion ) i was fortunate. they were not sure i would be able to walk again it was  a serious accident.
but saori weaving as PT and joy is helping me! yes i am still limping not close to 100% yet but slowly getting a  bit better every day.