Friday, January 5, 2024

learning to spin on the spinolution firefly a fantastic electric wheel and saori weaving

linda is carding making a art batt. the LOUET DRUM CARDER here

the spinolution  firefly wheel here

 first carded batt hand spun small ball

linda brought her saori weaving so i could see it ! love love love it 

linda is going to be spinning and using it in her saori weavings!

Saai is progressing with weaving remember she is on the spectrum as limited attention span so these weaving are amazing 

 soaked  spun dry but not presseed yet look at that craftmanship!

 Roopa , Saai's  aid is weaving on the piccolo and took off her scarf 

and threading a new warp 

coleen came for class in threading a ready made warp and for her new saori ch60 loom she is taking home 
in this photo! A happy holiday

my winter layers  and on top my saori coat 

i am masked up because of the triple -demic just for safety , students do not need to mask up unless they want to . HAPPY NEW YEAR all of my fiber freinds!
Jill N Sanders 
up in the  redwoods of santa cruz county 

FAMILY AND FRIEND come for a Saori weaving class and a student weaving and sewing a new saori ruana

 Bring family and friends to a saori weaving class it is very fun, no previous experience needed!

Anna's piece 

saori folding wx60 loom here wx60 saori loom

 anna lu's piece 


two sisters and a friend came for a 2 hour saori class and loved it!


classroom ready for a warping threading 2 day class with Mahika 

saori classic ch60 loom here


off the loom !

battery fringe twister fringe twister esty shop here

What a lovely ruana ! nice work !

 SAORBOOKS beginning saori sewing book here

 beautiful ruana 

peaceful weaving in the santa cruz mountains