Saturday, May 26, 2018

Saori Santa Cruz learn saori weaving classes and a fun fiber meeting!

Elizabeth and Raeschelle came to the studio  for a two days of  Saori weaving classes 

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  both are fiber artists Elizabeth felts and does nature foliage printing on silk ! she brought a piece of rainbow felt to cut up to  put in here weaving!
  my Parrots of telegraph hill jacket kept Raeschelle warm in the morning.

  then the sun came out and they  took a break for lunch
  beautiful pieces that elizabeth brought to show me  of her work.

  trying on some of my saori design clothing
 trying out some spinning wheels

 learning tecniques 


  off the loom !

  twisting fringes

 Raeschelle's piece off the loom now too


 ok raeschell your SAORI CH60 LOOM   is on it's  way back to your state to you ! can not wait to see what you create!

"jill we are so excited! all this everything is…. just ….sooo wonderful! i never had so much fun! so creative. I love Saori weaving"


Francine   wanted to learn to weave! she  had bought a ashford rigid heddel loom, and came for classes   but something was not quite reaching her happy place with the movment of using the rigid heddle loom. she was going to buy a cone of yarn and sat down at a saori loom and that was it ! she knew that was what she wanted  right then and there ! soo the direction shifted and now she is a happy weaver with a  saori CH60 LOOM

  here she is learning to thread away from the loom a ready made warp.

  all done lets go out and hang  the inside set  on her new ch60 loom! a 300 x 30 (24 x 33 yards done )


  her other warp taken off in a inside set!

  quick lesson on bobbin winding because she had never used a boat shuttle before...

 her  the loom is packed up and into her toyota  with the extra inside set and off she goes  ! stay tuned for  cotton baby blanket weavings from her!!


our local group Maven of the fiber forest meet once a month various locations and members homes. this month was my studio and  it was on the same day as  the May 25th  "carry a towel day!" 
so what is  that?
go here to learn more click here for more on towel day may 25  

however we had unseasonable cool weather and rain !
so a lot of scrambling to fit us in here  and keep us warm and dry!

thank you my dear  husband Lee  who steped up  added more umbrella's and lit the home  fires !

sooo we had a towel swap on towel day at the meeting! so much fun safe and dry !

 we had food and spinning stories too!

  connie's all  hand spun warp and weft weaving fresh off her loom.

  debbies art yarn batt!


tis the time of year  for conferences  and work shops… not everyone is a saori weaver… so  i was asked and now ….
i am carring the 4,8,16, ASHFORD TABLE LOOMS FOR SALE

and the accessories 

debbie picked up her spinnoultion Echo wheel with the 16 oz flyer here 

 she wore her hand knit scarf from all of her own  very first spinning! from  the spindle and wheel in classs!

 i covet her scarf!!

 beautiful art yarn debbie! happy spinning!!!!! wow you are amazing!

Peaceful weaving, and spinning in the Redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders