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Saori learn to wind a warp 4 day intensive ,a spinner continues to learn, rigid heddle weaver

Donna came from from Washington to Saori Santa Cruz for a 4 day intensive  to learn how to wind a warp and thread using the Saori table top Kenzo Jo beaming on system.

  First there is chosing the yarns she wants to use for her warps

 and then learning how we  wind the warp  for the Saori  dividing rod
  she threaded one  warp with the kenzo system

  the beaming on classes have begun...

 Intrested in weaving, or spinning classes? EMAIL me more info   FOR A CLASS AT SAORI SANTA CRUZ  CLICK HERE

  we decided on 2 scarf warps and two longer wider warps, three of her wound and beamed on warps will go home ready to store to be threaded for her next weavings .

  a break in warping to enjoy opening up some gifts from a mutual friend accross the country who sent them to us … sooo sweet! hand made beaded treasures thank you Sue!

back to warping 

  how nice it is to beam on your warp on a table not hunched over the loom for hours!

one day we spent on fitting Donna's shell for her dress form, and making muslins for to take home and sew.

  Trying on some of my over 40 muslins for styles for her potential hand woven saori yardage !

  making and cutting out some muslins.

  another break and donna had fun  trying out some of my spinning wheels.
 here is a louet travel wheel the  6 pound Victoria  model which she loved!

  her wonderful scarf finished !
  day 4 of the intensive  her scarf was finished , taken off the piccolo loom using her first ever hand wound warp !the easy on your body  kenzo system info here


  here NUMBER 4  warp a 11 yard 22" ready made warp .
  4 warps!
 Donna's comments…

"Many thanks to Jill, my friend and mentor. I am looking forward to the arrival of my Kenzo system ( she shipped it out today) and plan to wind another warp before I forget how!"

"Many, many thanks to Jill who suffered through all kinds of warping glitches and yarn wastage! She also taught me how to warp 2 groups of 5, plus how to choose colors. (Though it’s just intuitive with her…)

"I learned sooo much! And had a wonderful time All Day Long….I wish all Saori weavers could come to the studio."


  a new weaver! she bought a new ashford rigid heddle loom and need classes on how to warp!


  her goal is to weave 8 place mats

and she defiantly is on her way!

the stand for the Louet Erica 4 h table loom 

  i finished i the wood  and assembled the stand in  less than a hour

  now the the 4 h loom will be convenient to warp and weave on

and the Erica is warped! I used my Saori warping frame  not as easy  to thread as a Saori loom ( makes me appreciate my saori's even more ) but for well  under $500 a portable table top workshop loom  to learn 4 harness techniques it is just right. 

I have high quality North American  reeds for the Erica here go to my etsy shop  LOUET ERICA REEDS HERE


Debbie is back to learn more about spinning and carding!

 trying on Saori garments several went home with her!

and she came when Donna was here and learned some more!

  ask me how many ways I love the  SPINOLUTION ECHO WHEEL CLICK HERE to read more

 and the Clemes AND CLEMES great Lazy kate go here. a really great Lazy Kate!

 here is a photo of her art yarn skein  she just  spun  tht she sent me  with her Grateful Dead bear buttons! perfect match!!

and look what came too ! Debbie's Louet Standard  drum carder!

   now she can card her own Batts to spin!

 see the louet drum carders in action click  here

  Saori Santa Cruz  peaceful weaving, spinning, sewing in the  California redwoods

Jill N Sanders



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