Saturday, October 17, 2020

Hand spun sally fox cotton Hand woven Saori jacket, a 4 year journey

 In 2016 I decided i wanted to spin cotton art yarn… then weave it into yardage for something!. and thus my journey began. I love Sally Fox organic cotton that is grown in colors, not dyed. the colors get deeper with subsequent washings in hot water bringing out the  color intensity.

here is the culmination of that journey . My saori woven and my design cotton jacket . more about the spinning and weaving below 

Student trying on jacket in 2022


back in 2016 this was was my first  cotton spinning stareted for what would be this jacket 

 I spun the first year on my LOUET VICTORIA WHEEL  click here 

 here is the left overs from reeled silk spinning waste called silk noils which  i carded  t gether to blend with sally fox  green cotton 

the batt of the coarsely  carded cotton silk blend ...

now roughly spun into my singles into a art  bulky yarn 

along with the green and and white cotton i spun recycled blue jeans that were were carded with white to spin a indigo singles too .

 here is my ASHFORD ESPINNER3 HERE IN MY ETSY SHOP  WHILE WE evacuated for 12 days
because of the czu lighting fires here in the santa cruz mountains  at our daughts home .
i took my ashford espinner 3 with the woolee winder and my recycled fiber to spin when we left i was not sure sure i would ever see our home again . My grand daughters doggie was fascinated and stayed close to watch!  a very portable wheel that takes up very little space. can run on a battery too.

i spun the next year many spindles full on my Bosworth attache charkha
the spindles fit right into the special shuttles boswarth makes to weave with 

as you can see on top of my saori loom shelf is the bobbin holder rack bobbin holder rack here

i have saori bobbin wound too. 

for the bulk yarns i used my saori saori LARGE boat shuttle here 


 i wound the yarns into balls from my spinningwheel bobbins using my NANCY'S KNIT KNACKS BALL WINDER HERE

 more spinning sally fox cotton breeders brown

 breeders white 

 had to wear a face with spinning cotton because of the short fibers not good for your lungs 
 8 oz done  of breeders white coton 

it went directly onto the the second warp a bit narrower i wove using blocks of colors and slits .

here are ther 2 finished weavings i used to sew my saori woven jacket 

 100%  all hand spun weft woven  organically grown jacket .



Thursday, October 8, 2020

Weaving a throw/blanket on my Ashford 32" rigid heddle loom with Hand spun Art Yarn

 I adore carding and spinning Art yarns on my spinolution wheels . there comes a time when i hit critical mass and i need to use  my yarn and start producing some  art with it because  i am of running out of space! My favorite medium is to weave with it. I have used my Saori loom with special heddles with huge Eyes, but i enjoy using my Ashfor Rigid Heddle 32" with the 2.5 reed too! 

I used my my Saori philosophy and just chose  from my skeins  colors that made made feel happy 
with the economy, covid 19 and the california fires it was time for fiber therapy .

 here is my  find rigid heddle loom here in my 2nd etsy shop 

 I used the the 2.5  heddle  i need to wiggle my yarns through the holes but it is worth the extra time .

Here is my unorthodox way I  direct warp it !

 cut and ready to beam on the next day

Normally rigid heddle looms do not hold enough yardage of the cloth beam  especially bulky warps 
so Ashford invented  the freedom roller a few years ago  FREEDOM ROLLER AND ASHFORD LOOMS FOUND HERE ( CLICK HERE TO SEE IN MY 2ND  ETSY SHOP called centeringwithfiber)

 sewing the 2 panels together
 thrumbs left over 

   Soaked and drying in sun 

98% hand spun  the balance is some mill spun mohair 

 here are some of my yarns i used  on my wheels

I think i will be weaving a few more throws because i need to reduce my hand spun stash and i enjoy  spinning more art yarns!

Peace THROUGH FIBERS ON  the wheel and loom

Jill Nickolene Sanders

MY ETSY SHOP Saori santa cruz