Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Saori different weaving loom heights , students and Saori scarves

For most of March I have had THAT cold that has gripped the country.  So i am behind on my blog posts !!!
but here is the latest from Saori Santa Cruz…
 Simone  knew she wanted to buy a Saori loom but which model? So she traveled  down from Napa and came to try out the models of Saori looms in the studio. Height is very important when weaving and loom seating. use an adjustable bench and keep you knees below your hips as not to cause back issues.We played muscial chairs( looms and benches ) till we got the correct height read more .

 Meet Simone! she is purchasing a Saori WX60 LOOM here

 But first lets look at some of Simone's hand woven pieces she has done. AMAZING !

 We took time out for  a saoi Kai (share)  another student ,Antoinette ,dropped by as well

  Saori wx60 looms folding all wood looms have the advantage of having  two height extenders avaiable  click here to learn about Saori 2" height extender and here for the 4" high extenders


  After sitting at the various looms and adjusting the bench heights Simone decided to purchase a wx60 with 2" height risers .  This was after trying the looms i have in all the heights ready to try. the bench height is important too. what  height benches to use  too.
swedish adjustable loom benches here 

The warping  and threading and beaming on sequence  is started (so she could take home a  compleated  wound and threaded warp to hang on her new Saori  loom !)

Simone asked  how  is it different to warp a saori loom?  so we started  the process while Antoinette wound her new  
skeins  of yarn into balls

 Saori's unique warping frame here

  Then we took her chained warp  out to the teaching deck for a threading away from the loom with the saori  threading holder here   . the threading holder is  constructed out of heavy maple with a metal pin that swivels and pivots and  adjustable directions for ease of use.

 First threading the reed with the saori cross holder . I love my cross holder because it is so convenient to use , and does not take up a long  wide span like lease sticks  do.

Antoinette watches  and learns ...she will learn winding her  own warp this week

  click for saori cross holder here  it takes the place of your hands or lease sticks to protect your warping cross.

 Once the reed is threaded we mount the Saori harnesses and threaded harnesses  onto the loom
It is so wonderful to thread easily away from the loom… a big  time back saver… so easy.

  Then she beams on her warp .

  she weaves a few inches no threading errors clean sheds !!! … then…..
  she is taking off her warp as a saori inside set here she will take it home and be ready to weave in about 10 mins when her loom is assembled!

  all done! Great class Simone!


 Spring is here  in  northern California ! This is our plum tree in full bloom!

 and here are my two cotton rayon skinny scarves just off the  Saori Piccolo loom to celebrate warmer weather!
VERY  versatile long length ,116"!

  up in my Etsy shop


A new to spinning student  too…

  and why she was inspired to learn to spin…...

  This is Her great grand mothers spinning wheel from Minnesota .  I will help her get it going and restored .Isn't it a sweet wheel!  She will be carrying on her  families tradition...


And last week I recieved these amazing handwoven  and thread embellished wallets , a gift from a freind , and fimo buttons . Thank you mims you are sooo talented  I am  totally thrilled !

 Thats what I have been up to!! How about you?

 Peaceful weaving, spinning  and sewing in the redwoods
jill Nickolene