Monday, July 25, 2022

My 2022 Tour De Fleece 21 days of spinning every day!



What I wrote in my instagram post 

I am peeling off the calluses on my left pinky from thread plying for 3 weeks 
I am so done with TDF now ! 
But TDF allows me to forget for the hours i am spinning the weight of my responsibility’s and express myself not for any money or praise not right or wrong just to be in that rare space of doing something for pure expression. 
I am glad i did it. Todays final spin and final batt 
I received a new 32 oz Spinolution 3D bobbin yesterday so i used it for final spin. I really love the spinolution 3D bobbins. 
Why do i spinTDF? Not prove anything or be impressive to anyone i do it because i want to create and fiber is friendly and if it stops some others for just a second or 2 to gaze and wonder! that is super cool! 
The highest compliment i can get is “ but what do you do with this yarn ? “ 
Ah ha right there it stops the mundane thinking and whispers and is a success , that is if it needs to labeled a success that is the moment!

a video of my finished skeins 18.5 pounds total!