Saturday, May 15, 2021

weaving saori banners, and spinning on my spinolution firefly

Spinning a happy skein on my SPINOLUTION FIREFLY 

Using a braid  I spun singles with my paulywinder auto winder on my 16 oz  flyer 

and plyed on my 32 oz flyer 

spinolution firefly click here


 wool banner 

threading  a wool warp on my harnesses and reed away from the loom comfortably on the table! click here for  kenzo saori table top threading holder and beaming system

 i only wanted to weave one banner on this warp and save the rest , so i took  it off with  my saori  inside  set  and put on a new warp
only takes 10 minutes you do not have to unthread anything! just one  of many reasons  i love my Saori looms.

the saori inside set here

my wool  banner 

 weaving my earthquake and wild fire  banner 

 cotton warp


 earthquake and wildfire banner  finished  7' 9" long wool , silk and cotton

 I have  received both moderna vaccines now!!! 

 I will be opening my studio for classes is june! after 15 months  covid shut down! students need to to have had their vaccinations  and be 10 past their last shot. wear a mask( doctors orders still for me for a few more months)


 i have my favorite seam ripper 4 in one tool available for sale  again i sold out  in my etsy shop here 
it has a bernia seam ripper, the other end has a stiletto ( great for untying knots ) and  a point turnner and a thumb presser cap! i have one near my loom and another one on sewing machine table .

 also new to my etsy shop (i have used these on the wx60's in my studio for a few years but never sold them ), the hand break lever attachment to turn the foot brake release into a hand release like on the wx90 loom 

stay tunned for my studio opening blogs you can contact me to schedule a class spinning, weaving outside on my lower teaching deck contact info here to schedule a class at saorisantacruz my email click  here email

peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene Sanders