Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Saori weaving, student learns to spin art yarn , and my cheerful new Saori place mats...

 I wove two new Saori place mats cheery  and fun!

 many students the last few weeks as well…

 Leigh Ann has a new saori wx60 loom she came to learn how to thread it.
 here she is threading a Saori premade warp and using the Saori threading holder to thread away from the loom easily.
 while she was threading 
Georganne dropped by to chose some more yarns for next weavings with her new wx60 loom

I have 3 new textured limitted supply cones of cotton blend yarns textured yarns here

Leigh Ann's new louet S17 beginners spinning wheel and her learn to spin class 2, how to spin art yarn basics.
  really she  only JUST STARTING TO LEARN TO SPIN  2 weeks ago ?  she is amazing!

Start them young weaving! with the Saori piccolo loom that adjust down lower three years old  and can weave! this last couple of weeks adorable  children  I am teaching weaving to.
   you then can  adjust  the piccolo back up for taller heights  through adults

….and  speaking of children weaving

Alyssia and  6 years old Dahlia  are back for more classes on the saori looms
she got a tapestry loom for christmas and she  wove me a little weaving and brought it ! so sweet!

  Aylissa learning to twist fringes

 Both mommy and daughter did amazing!


How is Leigh Ann doing on her new wx60 loom?


 she wants to weave enough to sew a jacket! a wonderful textural fabric!

she bought a Saori inside set which allows her to share the loom with there 8 year old son so she brought the inside set and unfurled this weeks worth of weaving!

then ...
 she took a application class where she learns weaving ideas  in a sampler!

 and me...still have the never ending sinus infection but progressing albeit slowly!

but I  found short amounts of time  and threaded  up a piccolo loom. I wove some mug mats with hand spun yarns!

  I call them my "irreverent " mug mats!

They are way to much fun!! I  am weaving more … I used a saori ready made 50x20 cotton warp and threaded it in 2 dents, skip one all the way across with the 12.5 reed…  that way it was a bit wider for mug size.
I used  soak a no rinse wash and air dried them near the wood stove pressed them while still damp
 I sewed a straight stitch  on the sewing machine because one set had  to short of fringe to tie easily.

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill N Sanders

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Welcome 2016, new Saori weavers, Saori Piccolo LOOM harness upgrade.

A short blog welcoming in 2016! New  Saori weavers
Myjah and a good freind so enjoyed there Saori try it class here at the studio

  It is always magical how never before weavers can sit at the SAORI LOOM WITH  A MINUTE OF INSTRUCTION AND WEAVE THESE beautiful pieces!

  What fun an delightul day for two friends visiting for the hoidays.

I have enjoyed my Piccolo Saori LOOM (s) for 6 years now. taught on them and wove on them. they are light weight a sheer delight! There is a upgrade kit for the harnesses. i have had them for months but just getting around to switching mine over!
 here they are wooden sides for the piccolo  harnesses. I have three piccolos in the studio and so yesterday I started to change over the harnesses with the upgrade kits. please email me for more info if you would like to adapt your over and buy a set.  saori santacruz email

   here I am removing  with vice grips or pliers the  end caps

  Hammer the wooden pieces with a mallet in quite a ways, set the end cap on . poof done in no time! 2 down 14 to go!

 A photo of my freinds piccolo with the upgraded wood harness kit.

  I have had a sinus infection  for weeks so my crhistmas day and new years day personal  fibery things never occurred this year I rested  and healed ! But I  hope today  to get started weaving  I am almost prepared! and feeling much better.

Jill Nickolene Sanders