Saturday, January 29, 2022


 The last 3 years have been stressful! The Pandemic  isolation found many doing more weaving , sewing , spinning yarns, knitting, cooking, gardening slowing our pace down. Many turned to saori weaving and spinning yarns . This is my 12 th year of my saori Fiber Studio SAORI SANTA CRUZ . where I teach weaving, and how to spin fibers and how to sew garments from your your handwoven cloth. march 2020 the studio shut down  from covid 19 concerns and reopend june 2021 . october 2021 I tempoary closed the studio again to remodel and expand the  outdoors teaching class room with more room and permanent pergola. REOPENED in JANUARY 2022 


It took a little over 3 months , rain weather delays , supply change delays , finding carpenters , lumber  shortages but here I  AM BACK open in a EVEN LARGER covid safe well ventilated class room already teaching .

here is a brief photo  journey to the new transformed pergola class room .

all looms yarn and equipment were taken down and stored before construction 

 I conveyed to my carpenter  I  wanted a hexagon Pergola  with a corrugated red roof and so he made a model to scale for my approval! yes  this exactly what I wanted !

  Kerry and Chris started  building !

 thanksgiving, rain /wind storms, christmas , new years and  at last the second week of January 2022 the pergola was completed  and my first student  under the new pergola came!  it is in the middle of january  and outdoors and  yet it is snug and warm with with fire tables  and yes wonderful  healthy ventilation  as well. in the california sun.

here are my  weaving classes for january .

Antoinette came for a skinny scarf class and is happy to be be back to weaving 

saori ch60 loom info here

Lisa came down from Washington state and took a  saori class and decided she want to buy a saori  loom and accessories before she drove back home. 

 Lisa  after trying out different looms decided ,because she is 5"9" tall,  to purchase the saori ch60 loom with 2" height risers and a  Glimakra loom  bench and reindeer pad. The high placment of the warp beam is  so much better for her back as well.

Antoinette was back to continue on her skinny scarf along with Diane from Southern California who was  weaving and  picking up her new Wx60 saori loom and accessories . 

checking out Antoinette 's skinny scarf  that is not quite finished yet

diane looking at some of my finished saori  designed garments i had hanging 


a photo Diane sent me of her first saori weaving she took when they got back to there hotel on the beach in santa cruz 

i am loving Antoinette's skinny scarf!

diane's weaving 


                                 Jill Nickolene Sanders

using my hand spun Art yarns in the warp and weft on my Saori loom for a throw :saorisantacruz

gathered my Art yarns that I had spun from my stash

 I sprinkled in some commerical mohair  in the warp as well 

 the bulky yarns filled up my warping frame with a tempting colorful warp.

the wound warp is off the saori warping frame and into a canvas tote till I beam it on to my saori ch60 loom.

 yes my bulky art yarns are in the warp! I replaced the wire heddles from my saori harnesses to jumbo inserted eye heddles I special ordered from Canada . This will be a throw for a wedding gift for our son .
 I used my Glimakra raddle  directly on the loom to help tame such a buky warp as I beamed on my CH60 loom which was easy because the warp beam on the ch60 loom is up high .My back was happy about that!

I started weaving the weft. using my hand spun art yarn and some mohair too.

about half woven video 

and I finished weaving the throw . it will be 3 sewn pannels for the width .

 here is a video of  the entire  weaving fresh off the loom 

sewing a straight stitch on the sewing machine  then cutting the weaving into 3rds.

hand sewing the three panels length wise selvage to selvage  thrn i needed to add the fringes .


video of the finished large throw below 

I believe the finished mesurments will be 56" wide by 70' long not incluging fringe. 

peaceful weaving in the santa cruz redwoods 
Jill Nickolene Sanders

 a video of my large finished saori art yarn throw
Sewn together and fringes finished