Saturday, January 29, 2022

using my hand spun Art yarns in the warp and weft on my Saori loom for a throw :saorisantacruz

gathered my Art yarns that I had spun from my stash

 I sprinkled in some commerical mohair  in the warp as well 

 the bulky yarns filled up my warping frame with a tempting colorful warp.

the wound warp is off the saori warping frame and into a canvas tote till I beam it on to my saori ch60 loom.

 yes my bulky art yarns are in the warp! I replaced the wire heddles from my saori harnesses to jumbo inserted eye heddles I special ordered from Canada . This will be a throw for a wedding gift for our son .
 I used my Glimakra raddle  directly on the loom to help tame such a buky warp as I beamed on my CH60 loom which was easy because the warp beam on the ch60 loom is up high .My back was happy about that!

I started weaving the weft. using my hand spun art yarn and some mohair too.

about half woven video 

and I finished weaving the throw . it will be 3 sewn pannels for the width .

 here is a video of  the entire  weaving fresh off the loom 

sewing a straight stitch on the sewing machine  then cutting the weaving into 3rds.

hand sewing the three panels length wise selvage to selvage  thrn i needed to add the fringes .


video of the finished large throw below 

I believe the finished mesurments will be 56" wide by 70' long not incluging fringe. 

peaceful weaving in the santa cruz redwoods 
Jill Nickolene Sanders

 a video of my large finished saori art yarn throw
Sewn together and fringes finished  

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