Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hand woven Saori Cloth to clothing Saori Santa Cruz

 This fall  I went on a sewing binge and created 4 new garments out of my SAORI HAND WOVEN YARDAGE.
Many tell me they are to frightened to cut into there saori, or any handwoven yardage. I understanbd that but i have been sewing and designing since i was 10 years old. i have messed up on  expensive fabrics and then had to com eup up ways to to create  a usuable gartment from my  intial mistakes, which 100% of the time turned out to be  so much better then the original intent!
To become unique  and creative one needs to be brave ! I learned that at a early age staying SAFE is DULL. i  try to empower my students but i am there safety net durning classes…
I will have to say for me to design  i need to be in a creative  head space. not rushed, but i do  NOT have the luxury of just doing my art  for a living . I need my day job which iosfiiber realated so that is cool! so when i get a space to let go i do!
but enough talking  ! take look at my three new saori jackets and let me know what you think?

First i like to indroduce you my design a duster/longer coat with a lapel ….unstructured as is my way…

  i like to revisit  the weaving that I did with each garment as well the majority of my clothing pieces are out of cotton rayon, flax fibers

 i enjoy making slits to challenge my self  to where they will be placed when sewed!

  trying it on many many times after basting  …


   here you can see the  woven in slit placments better

and a few with the duster /coat on 

Jacket number 2 
using  up the last of my natural dyed cotton indigo warp and weft yardage 


 it is rare that i do not at least put on one pochet on my garments but i loved the weaving details to much  to cover them up.


 and my 3rd jacket 
this was the last of the yardage from my " whole earth catalog" weaving 
i sometimes name my weavings at the loom.

  and some selfies to show rthe dramatic hem different fron center front to back . i love that!
  andf of course big pockets!


  and th 4 th jacket  with my set in sleeves and peplun  cotton and silk  my fall equinox jacket

  I  pieced snippets for mice to make the two pockets

  photos before pockets