Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Saori weaving challange 2012 done!!

I did it! thriry yards in 30 days.Here is the final  Saori weaving 12 1/2 yards of my 30 day day weave a yard a day challange I gave my self . January 29th 2012 I started this current goal.

 The whole 33 yards of the challenge I washed and dried  them and  now awaiting my designing for clothing and bags.

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Jill Nickolene
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

The all new saori bobbin winder guide

It is here ! The amazing new Saori bobbin winder guide, which allows you to wind a bobbin with out using your hand to guide the yarn back and forth on the bobbin. You can get so much more yarn consistently wraped  on the new larger  bobbins with this great tool.  Here is a utube video of it in action. here

I set mine up on my loom in less than 5 mins.
special bobbins and shuttle for the  new design saori bobbin winder guide .
 More info and the cost here

peaceful weaving

February mavens meeting and saori weaving

Our mavens meeting was a delight last week.  i hosted it in my saori studio.
Maggie brought her newly finished saori weaving she plans to sew into clothing. It is wondeful!
 Maggie holding her saori weaving

mythkeeper modeling the yardage! We had a wonderful time.

peaceful weaving

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My SAORI weaving challange : day 19

Remember back on Jan. 29th I started a challenge for my self, one yard a day for 30 days. I want to have enough yradage to make and design  clothing for the santa cruz  open studios tour  web sight  cutural council council of santa cruz county in october so 30 yards. should be a good start.
so far I have wound warps, threaded and dressed the loom and woven 21 and 3/4 yards. Time for another wind the warp and thread day.
Here is my latest woven yardage.. I call this one "horn rimed glasses"

Time to twist fringes, and wash then press .It awaits its metamorphosis into clothing.

Peace in weaving
Jill Nickolene

A visit from a prominent weaver

Monday February 13th Denise, a friend and student and artist  brought Bonnie Tarses to Saori Santa Cruz studio.
Bonnie had asked if she was close enough to my studio to  come  for a visit as she was  giving a weaving work shop to Denise's weaving guild .
Bonnie is well known for her color horoscope classes and technique. her website and her easy ikat weaving. They enjoyed themselves, and we had a wonderful, COLORFUL visit.
Bonnie loved the saori looms and is contemplating plans for perhaps putting one in  a gallery in montana for all to participate in weaving while visiting.

Bonnie Tarses
 BONNIE TARSES  at the saori sx60 loom

 Denise wearing a  nice saori mobius cowl  she swapped with another member in my  ravelry saori weaving group : ravelry weaving in the saori way group she looks so cute.

 BONNIE showing her  color  horoscope  cashmere stole she wove that she "up cycled " from old cashmere sweaters more info here bonnies gallery


Jill Nickolene Sanders

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My yearly Saori weaving challenge

This is my second annual Saori weaving challange. I challange my self around this time of year to warp and weave  a yard a day, and I decided Again this year  to do it. So far 10 days 10 yards .

First ten yards of my first 10 days off the loom!

This  cloth  I will make into clothing that I will design and sew in the next few months. I will then photograph them to be used  in my entry application  for the cultural council of santa cruz county open studio's show in October.

peaceful weaving
jill nickolene

A students Saori loom woven valentine vest

One of my students , Linda , dropped by the studio yesterday to show me just some of her latest weavings!

 including a perfect  vest for valentines day!

and some more  absolutely wonderful yardage she wove in the last few weeks  with her Saori yarns and on her Saori  sx60 loom.

peaceful weaving
jill nickolene