Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 4 of Sue's visit to Saori Santa Cruz

Time went by very fast this week.
today Sue flys home but we had time for some more spinning

 Sue trying on my fractured saori dress.

  Using thre nancy's knit knack ball winder and swift. wooden ball winder

  an amazing swift

some art yarn I spun from a batt sue gave me.

on my louet s90 wheel  s90

When I returned home  from the airport I spun up some of another  batt Sue gave me. Continuing  my spinning THEN it  will  be woven into  one of my pieces for  remembering freindships .... untill we meet again. It was a wonderful week...

sue wrote this on the saori forum on ravelry :

"It was a great day of learning and I enjoyed meeting student Caryl too. Together we wound warps out on Jill’s beautiful deck surrounded by fruit trees,birds singing and wind chimes gently adding music to the air. A wonderful lunch break and then back to tying our warps so we could remove them,some studio shopping ( Caryl got a wonderful jacket and I picked out some lovely Louet merino / silk spinning fibers. Then I learned how to use the cross holder and to sley directly to the reed. After that we slipped out of the studio and wandered through some fun boutiques in downtown Santa Cruz and enjoyed a great Mexican food dinner. I went back to my room to get a good nights sleep so I could be ready for Wed.I was able to learn so much at the studio and my visit to Saori Santa Cruz was everything I’d hoped for and more! 2 full days and 2 half days ….but time with friends is never enough! I know someday another trip to the studio is in my future. 
Thank you Jill for being such a great teacher and beyond that a wonderful friend "

peace, pace, pause, play 
jill nickolene

Day 3 of weaving and spinning at Saori Sants Cruz

Learning a new weaving tecnique and learning beaming on today.

 Maggie came to spin with us wearing her new pointer brand  overalls.
 ....and bringing me a gift of punis (  ginned  carded cotton rolls to spin) from India.
 maggie spun while Sue and I beamed on her wound warp.

  and we tosted to friendships with Champagne

  Then sue and I spent some time spining for our TDF team on ravelry ( spinn every day that the tour de france is going )
  Sue taught me  very cool spinning techniques and brought some of her amazing hand dyed fiber as gifts. fed ex brought my new louet s10 double treadle wheel  it went together in 15 minutes with only 2 bolts! i love this wheel  etsy store louet wheel  sue loved spinning on it while she was  showing me "bobbles, and capture" .

 This is what I  finished for the daily spinning.

  The beautiful pink and lavender banner sue wove( we did a swap earlier this year.)

  We are headed off to  Henery Cowel redwood state park for a redwood loop walk at dusk.

 Back at the hotel sue's feet are proof we did indeed walk the trail!

peaceful weaving and spinning in the redwoods
jill nickolene

Day 2 of classes at Saori Santa Cruz

Rested from her flight Sue comes to the studio for day two of another winding a warp class, Caryl comes as well . The Saori warping frame is such a delight to wind warps on but first....

Sue and Caryl  looking at a scarf  MY TRANSEPT SCARVES
Caryl  wearing her amazing hand spun and knited shawl

 Carol bought my Reserve cabernet petwer warp blouse, it looks so good on her.
Trying on my saori  tabard/apron

 Learning to use the the saori warping board /frame winding 5 warps  at one time. SAORI WARPING FRAME

Sue using the saori CROSS HOLDER

We went out for dinner afterward a full day of fiber learning and  walked  around downtown santa cruz ,  we visited some surf shops and  some other places we espically liked this wonerdful place the OM gallery

The end of a wonderful day 2.
peaceful weaving
jill nickolene

A fantastic week of students at Saori Santa Cruz Day 1

Let me share my week with Sue, Caryl and Maggie ......
Day one Sue  arrives mid day from the airport . Welcome to saori santa cruz Sue! We got right to learning warping for a scarf. first choosing yarn....

  Learning the cross sequence

 First scarf warp chained off and tied.

 Trying on some of my my saori pieces cabernet reserve petwer jacket  before I packed it up and shipped it to a customer ,.. jacket
 Sue wore one of her nice saori vests she made. she makes such fantastic saori woven and  hand spun clothing!

 Trying on the "GOLDWASSER" jacket  shop jacket link

 Our Sseko sandals meet too! We wove straps for them on our saori looms.

Next blog day 2

peaceful weaving in the redwoods
jill nickolene