Thursday, July 4, 2013

Summer heat and spinning yarn

 A week of temps over 100 degrees and  instead of our cool ocean marine layer coming in rapidly  we have  only a 3 degree decline which still means mid 90's durning the day, and cool after 9 pm at night.
The anual TDF ( Tour De Fleece) on ravelry is going simultaneously with the the real Tour De France bike race. We spin every day, and set goals for our selves. Check it out in the  raverly group TDF thread

Mornings I get up very early  and drum card batts to spin before it gets to hot by 10 am.
My first batt I have been thinking of for at least two years. When our Buddhist prayer flags start to fade and tatter we move them  and then  replace them, but still pieces blow onto the deck so I have been scooping  them up and saving them. for years.
 Now I  cut them up and tear the remaiing cloth in small bits and drum card them into my hand dyed fleece to continue the prayer's journeys. I call this my" prayer flag yarn" .

This "prayer  flag yarn" batt has a chocolate brown  alpaca  added.

Second day I spun 50 % recycled denim and 50 % new cotton on my book charka.

Day three back to drum carding  and spinning bulky singles. all of my spinning I am planing to use for  my weavings.

Dyed fibers mohair locks, shredde saori sialk, wools.

My finished batt in the gingko tree.

 Love my Louet new art yarn flyer  more about the special flyer here

Temperature rising by 10 am.

Day four back to the drum carder to card my dyed wool in a progression from yellow to orange  red.

  Spinning very thick yarn on my bulky spinner spinning  wheel . The first stage. latter in a few week i will be auto plying it with add ins.... so stay tunned.

Day five I used some silk fiber squares of un spun silk in a form that is refered to as "silk hankies." but they are only square and not jahankies at all. you pull ayt the silk squares kind of like cotton candy.
I dyed these squares .
 From day 4  which was a SUPER  thick yarn to DAY 5  I spun  A very FINE weight  yarn .

Just trying to stay cool while I weave in spin this past week.
peaceful weaving and spinning
Jill Nickolene
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  1. Beautiful photos! I love what you do with the prayer flag bits - great idea!

    1. Thank you, it sends those prayers out but in a disguised almost hidden vehicle.
      some times saving all kinds of things leads to more venues in ones artistic creativity.

  2. I would love to know more about the reclaimed denim you were spinning. It would probably look wonderful carded with some undyed wool!!
    Do you mind me asking where you bought it? Do you enjoy working with it? Thanks bunches for any answers you can offer!

    1. hi jessica
      i truely do not remember where i got the reclaimed denim cotton fibers! i dye my own Indigo fibers and yarn with my natural Indigo vat now. you can try this link they have recycled denimn fibers but i did not get it from them.


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