Thursday, November 25, 2010

re heming my saori bias dress

  look at the bias dress hem center back. this is before....... hem was 8" or more longer in back than the sides and front.  

now the hem is more even and I added pockets from the cut off hem trimming

This is the dress I wove in april on my saori loom and sewed. The bias hem just kept "growing"  and was 6"or more longer in the back! So I  re hemmed it and cut off quite a bit enough for some unusual pockets .I like it much better now with pockets, room for my cell phone, keys and other things and to wear over leggings.

Monday, November 22, 2010

learning to knit

You met Hope in my earlier posts . She is a wonderful 7 yr. old home schooler that took to Saori weaving like she had  been weaving for years. She asked if I could teach her to knit. So gladly I agreed and we stared knitting classes. I showed her the knit stitch and off she went only needing me to help sort out some un dropped stitches and some increases that snuck in and how to cast off. She said she really liked weaving, it was fast and more fun but she kept on knitting till her garter stitch kitty was done today. I could tell she was happier weaving but I am so proud of her because she stayed with it till she finished.
Kitty's name is moon shadow, after the Cat Stevens song, which she sang to me , then we sang it together. I have a feeling that our next classes are going to be Saori weaving again but look at this adorable cat out of lama and wool yarn she knitted and stuffed. She finger knitted it's tail and I brushed the yarn lightly to help it's "fur" bloom! Well done hope!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Saori woven scarves

Rains came this week and I wound a new warp for two scarves. one for a new Saori santa cruz studio student, susan, and one for me. It was perfect weaving by the wood stove .
 This scarf is the mobius scarf/cowl scarf that you use the beginning warp{ untied} as the weft yarns at the end of the scarf . When you have woven the scarf, untie it and and weave each warp as weft at the end to give a pointed fringed finish.

susan in her hand spun and knitted shawl holding her hand spun skein of yarn
winding bobbins on the saori loom
inserting the warp as weft technique

lovely colors

Susan came wearing her exquisitely hand spun hand knitted lace shawl in rose hues. and a lovely hand
 woven stole she had woven on her ridged heddle loom. She is very talented and her mobius cowl scarf turned out fantastically rich. I love the yarn choices she chose. We had a wonderful time discussing looms and fibers, and history as we wove.
she finished her cowl and is going to twist the fringes at home and send me a photo of the finished weaving. we found out we have the same lumix camera too.
and here is susan's lovely finished mobius cowl 

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today I looked out at the back deck and sighed how I wish those happy gold and red tones would linger longer than a few weeks.
we have  two storage sheds that I have embellished  and while I was photographing the trees I remembered that my saori weaving was dispersed among the assemblage on them, so as the sun's angle is lowering this season I am cheered on by my saori weaving !
the ginkgo tree