Sunday, May 5, 2019

Ashford rigid heddle loom comparisoms and my Joy 1 wheel upgrade

Ashford New Zeland has really great rigid heddle looms. Although my weaving classes are taught  99% of the time on Saori loom I also am a Ashford Dealer and have ashford looms  .
 I owned many rigid heddle loom brands and did not like them until i tried the Ashfords. for several years now i have enjoyed weaving  using my hand spun  art yarns and the 2.5 heddle on my looms.
recently i added a 32" rigid heddle with the freedom roller . the ASHFORD SAMPLE IT LOOM comes in 10" and 16" . many ask me " what is the difference between the 16" rigid heddle loom and 16" sample it loom? here they are side by side so you can see how much shorter the sample it loom is compared to the 16" rigid heddle loom

 the 16" sample it loom  uses the same heddles  as 16" rigid heddle . it is about $20 less. however the Rigid heddle loom you can put the freedom roller on, and it has optional pegs so you can flip it over and use it as a warping board. the rigid heddel loom is  a thicker  frame and is heavier.

 I use the 16" rigid heddle loom more than the sample it loom because i love the ashford freedom roller . it allows me to put on longer or thicker warps.  the freedom roller only fits on the ashford rigid heddle looms.

 Here is my brand new 32" loom ready for me to put a finish on it still in the box

 i used a can of Deft semi gloss and put on one coat , it was dry to the touch is 10 minutes ! so i brought it inside to assemble it …

  the freedom roller is separate you can get here ASHFORD LOOMS HERE

trying out the  warping pegs, they fit in nicely on the reverse side. took them off to  warp and weave .

  the rigid heddle looms shipped in 2019 also have the double heddle brackets ( not the single ) .
  the 32" is assemble so i put it next to my 16" for comparisom. i adore the 16" size, but i wanted to try the 32" as well.

  this is the 16" sample it loom

  here is the 32" with a sample warp put on. can you see the red warps on  the far left and right?  that is to steady the heddle for beating other wise with narrower warps it is harder keep the fell line straight.

  here is the cart i keep my looms on.

and here is the 32" on a rolling shelf with a scrap of lumber large enough to sit on top to hold the loom while i warp and weave 

 my new ashford favorite tool is the HANDI HANDLE .
it allows you to use different muscles in your hands to advance the warps and loosen or tighten the knobs 



  a student trying out the ashford loom 32'

  a class  she learned on how to warp a rigid heddle loom

  She did very well and had great time




while i am loving ASHFORD let me share my other favorite fibers and tools i have chosen
Ashford 100% space dyed cotton cones machine wash!

 you can find it click here Etsy shop for ashford caterpillar yarn

and the whole crayon box of merino fiber 58 colors over 18 ozs.  you can felt with it or c ard it to spin or use it in the weft for weaving!
58 color sample fiber box

 how do i finish my weavings? i use Eucaln no rinse.

Euclan soak and wash to buy here
a student had a old joy1 ashford wheel she thought i could use to teach on  that she was not using and she gave it to me.
i decided i wanted to fix it up it spun but had been neglected  for years  put a larger flyer on it . I ordered the flyer  but getting the old rust rod and bearing off proved to be more of an ordeal because of the state of the wheel!


 i ended up having to cut off the whrol and order  new one as well as as bearing ! it took a few weeks for gathering the parts  i needed, but itotally did it! here is the joy1 upgraded with the larger  freedom flyer  ! i put on a new drive band and tension cord... that is why i love Ashord,m you can take a over 20 year old wheel and upgrade it and totally  save it because of  how Ashford designs  their products
I have a great folding Joy 1 wheel now spinning happily and the original flyer and smaller bobbins  still fit it as well if i want to use them.

  the parts i replaced

peaceful weaving in the redwoods

   what i have discovered is that my  loom bags i sew will  fit and protect the ashford rigid heddle loom , this is the size for the piccolo and this is the 32" loom inside with lots of room for extra heddles and even a floor stand would come apart and fit inside ! here are the bags click this link to my etsy shop sewn loom bags  my sewn loom bags fit the ashford rigid heddle looms too