Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Saori jacket published in Belle Armoire Winter 2014

What a delightful way to start the new year, receiving my copy of  the winter 2014 Belle Armoire magazine magazine here featuring a 3 page layout of my "Art of the Vintners Tasting Jacket" Article  and artist statement. I discuss Saori weaving and my Art , sewing and  my designing journey. There are many pages full of other talented fiber artists pieces in this issue full of inspiration . I think Belle Armoire has continued to produce a  high quality publication ,  with excelent  photos , and articles  . There branching out  now into weaving as an additional  fiber mediums is very exciting.
 How this happened was totally  unexpected. I was  contacted  by the editor Cynthia Leavens at an extremely busy time, just before a studio show last October….  emails went back and forth …. writing the article and submitting it and I  needed to finish  the jacket in time to have it shipped off to be photographed and returned in time for my show …. all dead lines  were miraculously met! I hope you will get a chance to read my piece in the just out new winter edition….at local book stores or maybe in your library .

 This and other pieces are featured in my My Etsy Shop . located in my hand woven pieces section

The peplum back of my design  was so nicely photographed  by them.

And the orgami pocket detail.  A Very professional  photo shoot,  and they have a  good eye for the details.
I think they captured the feel of my hand woven fabrics  in the" Art of the Vintners Tasting Jacket ". If you  own or wear one of my pieces you understand the the unique artistry that melds my weaving, design , and sewing skills to create one of a kind wearable art..


I had a birthday last week, and wanted to take the day to wind 3 or four warps
my wish came true!
Two banners wound from seine cotton, a long staple highly twisted cotton strong for tapestries, and warp faced rugs.I am  useing it  for  my SAORI  long banners (180" long ) left outside through all the seasons so the quality and durability of the yarns is extremely important .

 You can see and feel the quality of the tightly twisted seine cord over other less costly cottons..

  Banner warp number one

  Banner warp number two

   A warp for a woven gift for my soon to be 2 yr old grandson in soft cottons

...and my birthday was topped off with a visit and a couple of  small canvas paintings that my grand kids painted  for me were given . i already have Saori weaving idea inspirations from looking at them.

  My talented Saori student Eileen is back threading her gorgeous  new warp using the saori THREADING HOLDER  and Saori cross holder  , heddle threader and brass reed hook

I can see her confidence growing and she finished threading  this wider longer warp from her last one. I just love it when the flow kicks in and the what seemed like a strugle to understand before now drops away to  enjoyment of all the steps needed to arrive before  actual weaving commences. 
next week beaming the warp on the loom.

 And a wonderful visit from a Dear friend and student that  I  have not seen for almost 5 months !
A fabulous day.

The close of an exciting and fun weekand year of 2013 , welcome the start of a promising bright creative exciting  2014

Jill Nickolene

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