Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saori weaving classes in Santa Cruz CA, My new Saori sandal straps,and spinning !

Karla was the recipient of a gift certificate  from her freind Ruth to the studio for a two day weave a scarf class and  Antoinette is back to beam on her hat warp!

 Karla had never woven before . With Saori weaving you sit down to a prewarped loom and in a few minutes your are weaving!
 a peek at her progress  durning her first day…  she is a avid knitter but weaving may be her next step!!!

 Antoinette started weaving and also  finished weaving  her hat durning class  and took it home to braid.

 Second day of classes

  Antoinette  wanted to wind a warp for a scarf ...

 Beautiful! the saoriwarping frame here.

Karla is weaving beautiful colors on her scarf

  all done weaving  she love it!

 Antoinette is using the Saori cross holder ( no lease sticks) to thread the reed.

 the saori portable WX60 folding loom with 2" or 4" height risers available
  Just beautiful!!!!

 I show her how to twist fringes .
 she loves it !

This is the scarf now damp from soaking she will hang it on the line to dry when she gets home .

 trying on some of my saori garments.

  this is the Glistening ice palace ruana here

Parrots of Telegraph Hill jacket

  and the  Silk gauze Shadows of middle earth jacket


 Weaving a new pair of  Saori sandal straps for my SSeko sandals

  wound a cottonlin yarn warp….

 and set about to weave a new a set of  straps  two at a time on my piccolo loom.

  off the loom!

  I like to use aglets on my straps for durability and ease of threading through the sandal loops

I have a special tool a aglet pliers ( very expensive ) that is not made anymore, to set them it does not flatten the aglets like regular pliers can .

 I have worn them everyday ! soo comfortable to have soft handwoven straps 

Lea came on her birthday to the studio for a  suprise !!!!  Shocked and Amazed at her new  Louet S10c spinning wheel her boy freinds mother arranged  bought for her in advance ! SHE WAS SPEECHLESS!

 And she has pretty much spun nonstop on it for a week now! good bye Ashford traditonal! LEA SAID YESTERDAY  " Oh my gosh Jill, I can not tell you how much better this wheel is to spin on!It is so fast and easy no hooks so I can make boucle Art yarns , I am so happy"
 It has quick release screws so it breaks down easily for travel! here she is at a meeting at Annable's house ( one of our members) happily spinning away!
some new batts I have carderd this week

Saori santa cruz in the  California Redwood mountains
Jill Nickolene Sanders

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