Monday, August 17, 2015

Three new Saori weavers at the studio, More solar fiber dyeing, plying yarns just got easier the Louet lazy kate

 Triple digit temps this past  week so I prepped  fibers then solar dyed  lots of yarn and spinning fibers.
 Finished and rinsed fibers and yarns drying in the sun

 fiber hand painted  with dyes Getting ready to solar bake for three days

all covered up for three days left to cook in the sun

 Yes I got very messy!
  Very little water used because I  used  acid dyes which exhaust when raised to a certain temp and the fiber soak water was all that was needed to be used to rinse  just one time. The extracted dyes from the  laundry spinner went   into  the tubs and the  left over soak water I then carried to shrubs, and trees to give them a drink and so  no water was wasted .

The autum shades for my  silk cocoons 


 Pam came to the studio for a full day of weaving , she had never wove before. but  lets take look at how she took to Saori weaving !

  Pam using the comb reed to create interest  More about the Saori comb reed here

 and  she learned other fun techniques too THE SAORI WX60 WOOD FOLDING LOOM HERE

 Antoinette  is weaving  beautiful yardage for a bag on the 15 lb Saori little portable piccolo loom !

A very cool  first time ever weaving piece!  Pam  loved her first weaving, but it is not  just any weaving  it is a  SAORI WEAVING !!! !


I love my LOUET S10C double treadle spinning wheel I have 3 or 4 different lazy kates for plying yarns from my bobbins but decided to try the new Louet stand alone kate. ONE SIDE 3 BULKY BOBBINS  FLIP it over and it holds 4 regular louet standard bobbin. add  to this a brilliant tensioning system. too  I just had to share this Lazy kate with you, I was surprised and totally impressed!
This has the same great feel as my out of production louet s90 built in lazy kate but I can use  it for my louet victoria wheel, my s10 regular bobbins, and my large  bulky bobbins .

A disk is added to slow down the louet bobbins just  enough so you do not get bobbin back spin. no springs or cords just a simple design, brilliant.  Still easy to pull  from the bobbins .The made in Holland Louet wheels  have been brilliantly made  for 40 years .They just keep getting better, isn't that refreshing ! read more about the Louet Lazy Kate here

 From the clay studio Lee just  opened a bisque firing  I love to peek in the students work were from  all ages.

 The lower teaching deck is ALL READY for a couple of students for a try it class!


Meet Donna and Dee

   THEY ARE BUSY I  am introducing them  to  all kinds of new Saori weaving fun!

  They will be back for more maybe a scarf class ?  SAORI SANTA CRUZ TO SCHEDULE A TRY IT CLASS HERE

but before they left they came into the studio to view  hangings and clothing in my gallery and tried on a few pieces.

the "artist Poet vest" cotton warp silk weft


Peaceful weaving  , spinning, and dyeing in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene Sanders


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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

What's new in Saori land …at the studio and the show opens

my Ravelry group WEAVING IN THE SAORI WAY has weave a longs ( WAL) and this month is the skinny scarf WAL. I decided to wind two cotton warps totally different and weave two at the same time on my Saori Piccolo loom here   they ar over 100" long and 3" wide 

here is "MS BRIGHT " on my Saori warping frame


using  my Saori cross holder  ( not lease sticks) to sley the reed  cross holder

beamed on

 my bobbin holder  here       on my piccolo loom was  indispensable  for all my color changes.

weaving tabs

used some  micro mini sequins


I have 3 of these great weaving combs left in my etsy shop maple USA made weaving combs/forks I like the long tail for moving weft threads around.

 from the the clay studio  a students freshly made  stone wear beads drying

 Kori stopped by to show me her latest Saori weaving . in the weft is her hand spun .  her white warp is sally foxes organic pima cotton . she used her saori 4 harness spring unit kit here  on her wx60 saori loom to weave textures  is so soft !!!

Check out those wensleydale locks in the weft

….and she brought me from her her organic garden a lovely bouquet that smells fantastic , I cut some of the beans in a summer salad last night  there were so good and  the melon ,your were right, it is sooo yummy Thnak you Kori!

 The fiber in forms  textile art work show's opening was last week I was so proud of my student Antoinette  and my freind Lea's pieces.

Lea in front of her 4 skeins of art yarn.
I took one of my umbrella's to the opening  who is that peeking through the fringe ?….
my student Antoinette 's pieces were displayed beautifully
as were Lea's skeins

I met Antoinette's family and I am sooo happy that I helped and encouraged her to submit some of her amazing pieces. She has only been taking classes from me  and started  to weave since  Jan. of this year. Great work!!

my silk stainless steel yarn jacket  in the show
shadows of middle earth here

took a photo of some of my fiber freinds at the movies last week we went to see "shaun the sheep" btw it is fantastic we laughed our selves silly!!!!

Peaceful weaving and spinning in the redwoods
Jill nickolene Sanders


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