Monday, April 27, 2015

Saori Santa Cruz two day weaving intensive class

Mid week I held a two day Saori  weaving intensive class at the studio . Janice had tried rigid heddle weaving and not cared for it so she Drove down from Sacramento for a two  day intensive to see how she would like Saori weaving!…
Antoinette came to learn  new Saori tecniques while weaving a scarf ….

  First students get to choose and gather  there yarns. Jan was more conservative , Antonette was inspired to let go and was choosing all types of and colors and textures of yarns.

 One of the inventive features of Saori looms here  is the built in bobbin winders on every loom.
there is an attachment that slips onto the bobbin winder  in 3 seconds called a Saori  CONE WINDER ( here).  it slips on,  then you place a empty cardboard cone on it  and wind and here antonette is learning to create her own unique  yarn out of 4 cones of separate yarns

  Jan wanted to do this also…

 How the one of a kind yarn wound on the saori cone winder looks woven on Antoinette's scarf  !

And  on Jan's 

  Antoinette  learned skipping and cramming threading 

Gorgeous !

 Jan was loving color changes, and clasped weft…

   Antoinette  learned slits

 A few feet into her weaving Antoinette stops to remember what she woven and pulls out her weaving from the cloth beam to glance and admire. it is really amazing!

Jan decided to weave  a sleeveless  jacket after we looked at some saori clothing design books. she found one from the the Saori Beginning design book
I made a muslin and she tried it on . Her weaving was narrower from what the book called for but I helped alter the design to fit  and the amount of yardage needed to sew it .  Time to  weave weave weave to get done… 

 Jans weaving is complete now unfurled off  the saori loom and time to cut and sew…

 laying out the placement for her sleeveless jacket

 Sewing machine  set up.  It is not intimidating at all, I can help if you are a bit rusty with your sewing machine skills  But jan was familiar with sewing and the seams went together quickly.

  Jan's top is just fantastic!  she said..." I had my doubts about the colors , but you are right about Saori and  that all colors do go together, I absolutely love it"! I will be back this summer to schedule sewing construction classes " classes

 Antoinette unfurled her over 100" scarf from the loom

 it is amazing!!

Antoinette  lives in the  Santa Cruz area so she will soak her scarf and bring it back for a final  photo but it is stunningly amazingly saori-licous  don't you think? Here it is doubled over as she wore it home from leaving studio !

 " I love my scarf so much"

Peaceful weaving and sewing in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders