Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saori weaving retreat , day 1 and 2

Welcome  to spring at Saori Santa Cruz  with weeks of students having fun in the studio in the red wood mountains to the sea catching up on my blogs … starting with ….
Meet Emily … coming from the snowy mountains across the country to come for a infusion of Saori. she has woven traditionally for years, but saw a magazine in the news stand which featured my   "Art of the Vintner jacket"   blog post here  last year in Belle Armoire Magazine and decided it was time to have more fun weaving, and use her design and sewing skills too so !

A fun wound warp  that Emily is threading for a project to have two weaving's in process  this week  ...

 Theading the piccolo loom first day.

  dressing the piccolo loom.

 beaming on.
a happy warp!

   Loom Successfully dressed   and now to weave….

    Emily is Trying on muslin's  that I have made because sometimes we have no clue how pieces will look on us and how  (or even if)  it will fit? she wants to weave a saori top or two ...

  ….and she enjoyed trying on some of my finished Saori  clothing  pieces too…...

 How much fabric will be needed for a piece ? I helped her  determine that before we learn to wind a  unique saori warp 5 threads at a time….

Day two ...was a full studio time with 3 other students arriving Donna and Antoinette and Jenifer

 Antoinette  wound her very  first warp!

  Donna tried spinning and weaving

 success!! Yarn!

saori cross holders in place of lease sticks.

 threading away from the loom saori cross holder

 saori thread your heddles away from your loom too  so comfortable.

but as you can see it will be a beautiful warp to weave on!

 The end of a fruitful fun second day a new 8 yard  warp wound , threaded and  almost all beamed on!
with  traditional looms  and warping boards (NOT Saori  equipment) ,this would have been two or three day process or more instead of one day.... saori santa cruz classes
stay tuned for day 3 and 4…..

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods

Jill Nickolene Sanders


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