Thursday, April 23, 2015

Saori Santa Cruz Weaving retreat days 3,4

 Day three : Spring at the beach is made even more delightful with adding SAROI weaving!
Emily and Jenifer and I were at the beach early  with the Saori Piccolo looms  happily weaving away listening to the gulls, and waves.

Jennifer brought her spinning wheel and spun with us while we wove.

 Passers by with kids , dogs, young to seniors were totally interested in Saori weaving we had sooo much fun. we had lunch and walked the beach Emily picked up some shells and eucalyptus pods

It was warm and friendly and so much fun to weave at the beach!

we headed back a short  20 minute ride back to the studio in the redwoods  with more outside studio time to finish  beaming on her new warp she wound  and threaded the day before .

 The end of a lovely day 3 ……...

 Day 4:  Big surprise!  Emily took the piccolo back to her room the night before  to weave AND showed up  at the studio saying" I am having trouble weaving"  I said really all worried ? Then when I  removed the piccolo from the loom  bag there it was  her finished scarf!!! APRIL FOOL on me!!!  yes !A finished scarf  was unfurled and Emily  was giving me a mischievous smile! I was blown away! it is beautiful! She  finished weaving  her amazing  scarf the night before!

what a beauty!

 I showed her how to weave  tabs

we are all ooo and ahhing

Antoinette is threading her warp at the table, Emily is twisting fringes and Eileen is threading her  warp with the threading holder too!

"OH MY this  fringe twister is just  amazing"!!! FRINGE TWISTERS HERE

  we soak and dried her scarf and she wore it warm from the sun.
Shells and pods Emily had picked up the day before at the beach made it into the her scarf too !

 Eileen came to the studio  to thread her 300 x33 yard saori ready made warps with the saori threading holder
  Antoinette  is  weaving to sew a vest..

Back outside in the warm spring weather on the teaching deck 

my first wound warp! i did it!

  Emily brought a awesome sweater she knit and used all her special textured yarns  in  and  this amazing flower pin  she made! she is so talented.
  I said "Emily you can use this shape for a sewn handwoven Saori jacket "!  I hope she does  someday!

 peaceful weaving in the redwood tress (and at the sea)

Jill Nickolene Sanders

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